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Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale Burberry Handbags O

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Zhang Rui

since the beginning of winter,Moncler Spaccio, the ice city of Harbin, a number of shopping malls, shoes style more and more strange, high heel people looked scared, Burberry Factory Outlet. At the same time, female patients of hospitals waist, spine disease also increased. Experts say, http:// www.biskrem.sn/node/6?page=550 # comment-27537 , many of these patients is due to wear strange shoes.

people choose shoes, beautiful appearance, when not fashionable to consider, much higher than the wearing comfort and health considerations,http://arkim.tc/member/5296, in particular, the Korean pointed shoes popular in recent years, "stand on one leg the "stiletto shone.

I know that the proportion of women suffering from foot disease than ten times higher than men, because women wear shoes inappropriate. According to reports, one weight-bearing standing [url]Moncler Outlet[/url], the heel and forefoot of each bear half the weight, which Hallux assumed forefoot half of the task. In walking, the great toe and second toe bears the main load-bearing task. Feet on one pair with high, pointed head, the end of a hard shoes, especially the kind of the shape of the wine glass with the high-heeled shoes, not only changed the pace bear a reasonable proportion of the weight, so that the toes are squeezed,Prada Outlet, and can not be reduced due to walking, jumping the impact. Long-term wear high heels, but also have an adverse impact on the knee, spine, resulting in these parts of the bone growth or lumbar disc herniation.

First Hospital of Harbin City, experts have warned that the human foot is the "second heart", foot protection and systemic health is closely related to Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale. So, the beauty of women must remember the simplicity: as little as possible to buy the special shape of the shoes or high heels, try to avoid the kind of shoes to wear for a long time, must wear good foot relaxing treatments.
peak of 11 on the evening of 9 (Nanjing) Changle road suddenly heard a "bang" a loud noise, Burberry Handbags Outlet, also accompanied by" - "scream. Master yellow bicycle repair at the roadside to see a man to cross the street underneath the bus by the bus. In the the vehicle bottom of a pool of blood, strewn with more than a dozen boxes of children's shoes, men were seriously injured. According to identify nearby shoe store sand boss these shoes just sneak by men from the front of the store without paying.
around 6:00 that evening, the sky is under a light rain, this tourist bus is traveling east to the the coopers Lane intersection, the accident,Burberry Factory Outlet. "A person suddenly cross the street very quickly." Said Zhu Shifu, the bus driver,Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale, he caught off guard, the emergency brake, but the rainy slippery, failed to put an end, hit, ran over the wheel from him.
Master Huang heard the crash and the man's screams. Knocked, the man hands carrying two big stack of shoe boxes, plus the speed is very fast, the light is not good, so Zhu Shifu thought he was cycling with a shoe box. Get off, found no car, and knew that he was running across the road.
knocked the man lying on the bottom of the vehicle, has been unconscious, and more than a dozen shoe boxes immersed in a pool of blood mixed with rain. Zhu Shifu and quickly dragged the injured, and the police. Coincided with the evening peak traffic starts to build up. Master Huang ran to help ease the traffic. Injured followed by 120 sent to Nanjing First Hospital.
After the incident, several members of the public to come to the onlookers. The public understanding of the injured, [url]Giubbotti Moncler[/url], said he was often in the big market there haunt. Hundred meters from the sandy open children's shoes shop boss who heard,Coach Outlet Online, found on the road these shoes are his shop just lost. "Someone said there was a man knocked out more than 40 years old, he carry her shoes with your home's exactly the same." Sand boss said. Look carefully, he found not only shoes and packaging the rope bundle shoebox in his home, these shoes also just been placed in front of the store, and vanished, a total of 14 pairs.
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