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Giubbotti Moncler Moncler Outlet toe ring king the

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toes physiological significance of the role played by no less than human hands, cosmogony has a pivotal role. In people's day-to-day activities, the main function of the toes is the regulation the metatarsophalangeal footsteps of other parts of the relationship, support people walking balance. The toes also able to adapt to the pace of change, has a stabilizing effect on the part of the project.
toe ring king magic fingers to detonate footwear health trend
For humans, the importance of the toes than hands or other parts of the body to a certain extent. So, from time immemorial, people have already started on the protection of the foot, and the shoes is one of the most important part. Simply put shoes on the feet of protection as if the clothing shielding effect on the human body, blocking a dominant or recessive factors outside everything possible damage on the toe. Therefore, people often pay more attention when buying footwear, safety footwear on the quality and functionality as well as comfort, rather than the style of the shoes.
However, in the pursuit of fashionable era, although the appearance of style but also consumers decide whether to buy one of the factors, but certainly not the only factor. Many business enterprises are hugely magnified consumer demand for fashion footwear appearance, engaged in a fierce battle for market share in the field of design style, thus ignoring the footwear toes most original protection function. Hua Yi (), the Investment Management Limited with minority businesses, it will the footwear protective effect on the first position of the design and development, through continuous efforts to break the routine, the introduction of the quality and health functions coexist toe ring king magic shoes.
 king of magic shoes
toe ring from the birth of the beginning of a clear direction of product development, its best to subvert the traditional design - five little finger, so that the wearer's toes separately from each other, no longer rely on as tightly as before together. Precisely because five little finger has a separate existence of space,Coach Outlet Online, so from a health point of view, does not appear cross-infection of the fungus to produce annoying beriberi, but also let the toes more freely mobile.
In addition to the special design of the five independent toes, toe ring king magic shoes uppers are breathable fabric sewn, durable wear-resistant, soft and comfortable, . The soles are completely in accordance with the design and manufacture of human foot, non-slip rubber and fine dent, non-slip grasp the attached force than the average footwear significantly enhanced. Toe ring king magic shoes from design, research and development, production, production to final shape, has experienced a nearly 200 processes, and are hand-built, a molding, called the characteristic brand of high quality workmanship and high design concept in the footwear industry simultaneously .
Today, the king of magic shoes, toe ring is still in the design and function of the tireless pursuit of a new breakthrough, hoping to be able to actively guide and promote toe shoes, and set off a fashion trend in the fashion trends, leading global footwear commodity towards a more diversified development of the road.
        the [img]/20121231/Img362083815.jpg[/img]
    Wing Anxiang An industry more than 300 primary school students received love supplies, very happy.
       the [img]/20121231/Img362083816.jpg[/img]
   December 26, and Yong An Xiangan Yip Primary School, the outdoor temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius, a female classmates still wearing 7 pants and sandals to participate in activities.
        the [img]/20121231/Img362083817.jpg[/img]
   The the the Yong An Xiangan industry elementary school students can not wait to put on love shoes.
our reporter Jiang the Yinhua / text the Suhua / Figure

December 27,
  [url]Coach Factory Outlet[/url], Showers early stop, windy mountain breeze. Du'an Yao Autonomous County of, Heung Chong industry, Lalie Primary School,
  [url]Moncler Outlet[/url], outgoing returning to the sound of gongs and drums. The drums a burst the Jinsi while during mixed with happy cheers of the 88 students of the school. Day, each of them received a pair of love winter shoes, plus a new scarf.
a week ago, the Guangxi bagui Volunteer Association "New Year New Clothes love winter shoes" project group has issued a number of love supplies. Group of loving supplies including Winter 1320 pairs of shoes, 153 scarves, 84 gloves, 415 pairs of socks and 48 hats, to benefit Chong Yip Primary School, including security, Longsheng, Zhao equal to total of 17 primary schools. Reporter visited two primary distribution site.
pounding on drums to greet
Chong Yip Primary School is located are An Lalie Township to get group Tuen Dushan foot of the school premises hillside, has 88 students. According to school blue Principal, canteen and dormitory all students are commuting. Of these, nearly 20 students in distance between the round trip takes about 3 hours.
The December 27,, local volunteer organizations under the assistance of the Federation of Ann love Square public, after more than two hours of mountain road bumps, the vehicles transporting loving supplies finally arrived at the Lane group Tun. At this point, where mountain rain just stopped blowing cold winds blow, people shivering. Thin clothing of students, but attend to these, they lined up while station, pounding on drums and shouting "Welcome, welcome ..."
watched a parcel from trucks swarmed down students rustic face curious, excited, also eager. When two bags apart, red,Coach Online Store, blue scarf demonstrated in front of some of the students could stand it no longer, a murmur of conversation: "Wow, there scarf it
  Prada Outlet, good to see ah. '
them, many people's small hands were red with cold, both thin and worn clothes, some pants became "pant. "Are you cold?" The reporter asked. "Cold feet froze to death," the 11-year-old blue-Yuan love quietly answered. Reporter noted that
  Coach Official Website, the shoes on her feet cracking and no socks. Your socks? "Home only a pair of socks, washing the not yet dry," she said, shoes cracking will water the morning school shoes wet,Coach Outlet.
lack of protection against the cold
feet of the blue cloud Ping few students have openings in the cold weather of the day, sandals, people worried. He got his love of winter shoes, blue cloud apple can not wait to sandals traded down. Wearing new shoes on the ground, she tried to walk a few steps, then happy to punch everyone laughed and said: "really warm."
a female teachers to teach at the school for 10 years, told reporters, located in the Rocky inaccessible, many students are poor at home, coupled with some of the children left behind, elderly grandparents only barely take care of dinner, simply take into account the less than children wearing shoes for leaks, "which also Guan Dele, socks whether enough change yo.
phenomenon of the lack of protection against the cold, there are also a lot of rural primary schools in the surrounding.
Wing An Xiangan industry primary school is 70 kilometers from Du'an city schools with more than 200 within the boarders. On December 26, over 300 pairs love winter shoes in the school issue, the reporter visited several quarters random. One down, the
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