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Postby fenkai637 » Mon Dec 31, 2012 4:51 am

from the reception hall is not far away, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of dedicated self-violation fines payment point. Here three self-service payment machine before the same overcrowded. Bank staff presence, last week, every day hundreds of people here set to pay a fine, light counseling drivers to use the payment machine, one day down the throat fat dumb.
these days to go to traffic police window handle illegal processing of friends, please remember to handle the need to bring my driver's license and illegal vehicles driving permit. Especially apply for my driver's license, without penalty points even if it is currently illegal, reinforcement works, traffic police departments also need to see.
new old accounts be regarded as a misunderstanding, the new regulations do not have retroactive
1 to 3 January next year,灌肠机, the traffic police service window external reception.
reporter noted that the new regulations of the Ministry of Public Security Marking efforts to increase penalties for traffic violations, according to the new regulations do not have retroactive "principle, public security departments will be only after New Year's Day next year corresponding penalties for illegal acts in accordance with the new standard. Traffic violations before the formation of the New Year's Day next year, even in the next year to accept the punishment, it will only be implemented under the old standard. , Not the driver's vehicle inspection and other needs,凉水塔, there is no need to rush to get together before the New Year "eliminated illegal.
(original title: that the old account new operator, the drivers get together "sell tickets")
Shanghai traffic police traffic violation penalties, the implementation of standardized management called "penalty payment of separation". However, with the process of police information, cross-regional accepting illegal punishment for non-controversial, is not without hope.
scene: hundreds the driver queuing "punished"
□ Morning News reporters Luojian Hua
yesterday, the reporter went to the electronic police located Guoquan Road, No. 579 accepted point violation. I saw the glass door of the reception hall, has lined up the 20-meter team. The reception hall is full of people all act before the window, there are no fewer than 15 people waiting queue. The reporter simple estimates, less than a hundred people at Electronic the police regulations admissibility point, the driver waiting in line to being punished. "Now here just the World Expo, the job twice queue." According to the master are on duty security from on Saturday, come to deal with the traffic violation, the driver of the electronic police began to get together and the phenomenon. With the end of the year approaching, the the queuing phenomenon also become more and more serious. The security master said, according to the the admissibility progress, he usually every quarter of an hour to put a group of people enter the reception hall. These people entered the hall, but also from a five act window optionally a row once again team. Lucky to spend one hour in order to the electronic police the illegal punishment decided to book all print finished.
10 points 30 points, the Argentine began to line up from the reception hall, 10:34 the security master release reception hall in front of a group of people into the hall. 10:39 Security Master once again opened the hall glass door, motioning Arab country to indoor queuing. Argentine in the hall on the 4th window line up, in the number of people in the queue of about 15 people. After a long wait, when Argentine finally out of the reception hall, holding five print single plaster mold factory is already 11:44. A country with a full one hour and 14 minutes to complete the first step to deal with traffic violations - "pull list".
"Why rush these days to deal with illegal window?" in more than an hour of waiting, reporters were asked several queuing "pull list" driver.
handled with the "two certificates"
Xiao Xu opened
complain Okuni 12 violation record five records belonging to the electronic police admissibility areas, but the other seven, they were involved in three Pudong, Xuhui, Minhang District traffic police. So, after the "pull list" in the window of the Guoquan Road, No. 579, he will have to rerun the traffic police of three districts window, all illegal penalty decision were getting together to banks to pay the fine, it is estimated that The entire process takes two days. If the traffic police department can open up a "spanned services for the illegal acceptance of Shanghai's many driver is good news.
appeal: the support spanned handle illegal business
Do not forget to
most electronic police driver violation records, must first pass regulations accepted point query and print traffic violation penalty decision. This process is commonly known as a "pull list". Print violation penalties decided the book exactly how long? Yesterday, the reporter at the scene to find the drivers are queuing Okuni, and he queued the whole process is timed.
driver vehicle inspection date on the outside car license, driving permit in early January next year. Xiao Xu said, if you are not in a hurry to dispose of a traffic violation in Shanghai before the New Year's Day, the use of the home for the holidays in conjunction vehicle inspection program would be wasted, flowers. "I'll deal with the regulations is to make it cheaper to buy insurance." Chor said, the end of each vehicle insurance should cost him a lot of money, he heard of an insurance company when accounting premiums to customers, with reference to the vehicle last year violation records. The violation records innocence usually insurance companies will give discounts. Unprocessed traffic violation records online more, it does not give discount promotions. Chor counted after the discount, there can be several hundred dollars difference, so since illegal to deal with sooner or later, better to dispose election at the end of the year to buy insurance.
experience: spend one hour 14 minutes "pull list"
all the crowd, the driver Mr Chak saying most representative. He said he knew after New Year's Day, the Ministry of Public Security's new regulations necessary to implement, the originally many fine scoring illegal behavior should start scoring. "Illegal speeding and violation of the ban on electronic police capture had previously been no penalty, a fine of 200 yuan." Mr. Chak worried from the New Year's Day, two illegal acts often committed, not only to be fine to the point. If you are not in a hurry before the New Year's Day before the illegal timely processing, to assume additional demerit point penalties in accordance with the new regulations next year. In order to avoid the "old account and new operator, he was in a hurry to dispose of illegal list at the end of the last few days.
579 North of
a lot of drivers years ago, they handled Peony the unimpeded card ", the most controversial illegal website can direct their inquiries to the illegal recording single number without the traffic police window to handle fine formalities. Now, even if you want to use the Peony the unimpeded card ", is also the first decision on punishment book number to complete a fine to pay,红木沙发, which must be run more than once a traffic police window, forcing drivers to virtually increase the drivers' trouble.
Guoquan, Shanghai traffic police elevated location of the detachment, but also existing Shanghai is one of two specialized admissibility of electronic police illegal processing window. From the start on Saturday, the former is not lively processing window, but there have been rare crowds. The so-called old traffic rules in order to catch before New Year's Day 2013 "pin illegal", a large number of electronic police driver violation records, prefer rafts over 1 hours long team, have to squeeze in "just fine with no penalty." Last train .
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Postby uteletlyFic » Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:25 am

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