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Peyton Manning Broncos Jersey Nike Peyton Manning

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All domains will cease to work if the UCC SSL certificate is revoked for any reason. Until you fix the UCC certificate or get individual SSL certificates for each domain, you may have to put your website on down time.

It's a good news to most people that Extended Verification (EV) is completely compatible with UCC SSL. In other words, visitors that view the SSL secured pages of your website will see a greed address bar on their browser. This way, viewers of your website will know that you have SSL security and that their information is safe with you.

Got multiple subdomains needing SSL security? You go for wildcard SSL. What about for people who have lots of domains and maybe even additional subdomains? Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) SSL is the best possible solution.

By supplying a certificate with a wildcard in the Common Name, the same certificate may be used by an unlimited number of subdomains,Nike Peyton Manning Jersey. As an example, the Common Name *.example dot com allows you make use of one wildcard certificate for ssl.example dot com, shop.example dot com, or profiles.example dot com,Peyton Manning Jersey Elite, but not on, anothername dot com, or secure.anothername dot com,Stevan Ridley White Jersey 3739 Rob Gronkowski Womens jersey.

If you want to save money on several domains, UCC SSL certificates are for you. The average price for a typical SSL certificate is $150. That may be fine for people with a few domains needing SSL, but once you need it for five domains, you&#39,Find The Finest Bands For Entertainment And Entertainers in UK;ll be spending $750. Think how much you can save on 3 domain names when UCC SSL costs only $300 each.
The good news is that UCC SSL will work in the last example. The certificate&#39,Texan J.J. Watt Jersey Customized So Texan Arian Foster Jers;s Subject Alternative Name (SAN) is used by UCC SSL instead of the Common Name field. The SAN lets you add more domains that will use one UCC SSL certificate. An individual UCC SSL certificate will good enough for example dot com, secure.example dot com,Youth Peyton Manning Jersey,The Best 3 Reasons to Have Bbq Catering in Toronto For an Event, anothername dot com,, and onemore dot com. The number of domains and subdomains that can be added depends on individual deals with the certificate provider.
If you've done some SSL certificate research, you would notice that SSL providers only allow one domain to use one SSL certificate. This means that buying an SSL certificate for example dot com will not give you SSL security for anotherdomain dot com or secure,Peyton Manning Broncos Jersey.example dot com.
UCC SSL is popular for another reason - manageability. Handling a number of SSL certificates is a daunting task. Just imagine purchasing, setting up, and then annually renewing several SSL certificates,Von Miller Orange Jersey, all at once! Errors can easily happen when one person manages several SSL certificates all at once. It's a very difficult task. All the time and effort that you put into fixing errors will cost you money. Just think about how that compares to worrying about just a single UCC SSL certificate. Managing just one certificate is a much simpler task,Nike Von Miller Jersey. Errors, in this case,Women's Von Miller Jersey, become rare.

Know the Difference Between Wildcard and UCC SSL

UCC SSL drawbacks
Good Things About UCC SSL
Using UCC certificates does have some drawbacks. Security is the first that comes to mind. All domain hosts that share the same UCC SSL certificate also share the same private decryption key,Youth Von Miller Jersey. Let's say a hacker manages to compromise one of your servers and gets the private decryption key, he then obtains the ability to crack all encryptions made by the other servers.

You can add more domains at $40 for each additional domain. It&#39,Patrick Willis Authentic Jersey Adva Aldon Smith Womens Jers;s good to know that as a bonus, some UCC SSL providers will let you add a few subdomains on the certificate at no charge.
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