Phillipe & David Blond Has Presents Beautiful Blonds Blond D

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Phillipe & David Blond Has Presents Beautiful Blonds Blond D

Postby YukoLoveAmy » Sun Dec 16, 2012 11:51 am

Many girls had played with Barbie dolls in their childhood days that time of dolls was available in simple look with-out any real accessories and jewelries but now-a-days time is to be change and Barbie dolls are now also available with real diamond jewelries. Here is Phillipe and David Blond has come into a new creation limelight that has taken the toy globe by the squall.

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This is the beautiful luxurious Blonds Blond Diamond Barbie doll dress herself in plentiful gem-encrusted mini-dress, chains, crystal corsets and glittery pumps on her small feet to increase her super-glamorous looks. The collector piece rejoices the alluring fashions produced by the designer duo.
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The beautiful Blonds Blond Diamond doll will be accessible for buy at Barbiecollector from December onwards and it’s priced at a whopping $125. This new Barbie dolls is so expensive since of their real diamond jewelry so those who are ready to pay this amount they will be easily this beautiful Baribie doll!

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Barbie is clothed in a dazzling silver mini corset dress studded with innumerable faux jewels and a complete length faux fuzz coat designed by the Blonds and has a classic Barbie face sculpt with impressive silky thick blond hair and makeup layer to provide it a energetic makeover.

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The doll as well wears an elaborate cuff, sparkling earrings, and a couple of sparkly pumps to place the entire other plastic Barbie dolls to disgrace. Extended eyelashes and flashy accessories comprising a crystal cocktail ring more Barbie’s rock n roll glam looks.
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