X Factor Bosses Draft in Fans for Maloney

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X Factor Bosses Draft in Fans for Maloney

Postby YukoLoveAmy » Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:57 am

'The X Factor' bosses reportedly had to draft in 'fans' when they filmed Christopher Maloney's homecoming.

The show finalist was filmed returning to Liverpool earlier this week, but it has been claimed producers handed out cardboard placards with messages of support on them to members of the public, to make him look more favourable. They are also said to have drafted in extra people to the Liverpool Mutual Homes call centre - where the cruise ship crooner works - so he would appear more popular for the segment.

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One extra told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I don't actually work in here, I was just told to come down and fill up the office because there weren't many people apparently.

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"They just said, come down and watch - and I might be on the telly.

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"I don't really know Chris to be honest, I'm sure he's a nice lad but I can't really pretend to know anything about him."

Producers handed out party poppers and instructed people how to greet Christopher, even filming the scenes twice after deeming the first attempt to not be enthusiastic enough.

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Meanwhile, the songs recorded to be the winner's single by the three hopefuls left in the competition have been revealed. If Jahmene Douglas, 22, triumphs on tomorrow's final show (09.12.12), he will release a version of The Beatles classic 'Let it Be'. If Christopher, 34, is winner, he will release a version of Hoobastank's 'The Reason'. James Arthur, 24, has opted for obscure track 'Impossible' by Bajan singer Shontelle if he wins the show.

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James has also blasted the series' previous winners, saying they flopped because they didn't have the right material to establish their careers.

He said: "They haven't sold records because they haven't made great albums. That's the bottom line. I won't be doing that."

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