Hong Kong businesses are the times

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Hong Kong businesses are the times

Postby nazanon123 » Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:26 am

Hong Kong businesses are the times, take the initiative to ask Do you want a separate mailing packaging to reduce the risk of checked out.Borse Louis Vuitton , 'Miss Xing said. Yan Chun that, in the overwhelming majority do not have the free zone policy areas, Louis Vuitton Borse , can take full advantage of the tax-free shopping at the airport, especially the expansion of duty-free shopping area reached to expand the sales of "low-cost" luxury.For example, the day of the Beijing Capital International Airport duty-free line not only in international flights waiting area, after the next machine luggage area also has set up, Louis Vuitton Outlet , but its brand is still very limited. Contrast, in many countries, the airport duty-free shops already belongs to a large shopping center.Duty-free shops in the Narita Airport in Japan objects to Chinese customers, and actively carry out marketing activities, each store has a clerk of Chinese goods is also cast Chinese customers opt for, and dedicated Chinese website, introduce all stores update and the latest products every month.Narita Airport's two largest shopping street "narita nakamise" and "Narita 5th Street, GUCCI, BURBERRY eight Shoppes gathering, HERMES largest airport duty-free shops around the world, the new replacement rate faster than Hong Kong.Welcome To Coach Outlet Store Online For Authentic coach outlet!
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