the analysis of the internal aspects of sports and cultural

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the analysis of the internal aspects of sports and cultural

Postby mynikecheap » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:21 am

The other hand, the analysis of the internal aspects of sports and cultural activities, the sport is beyond the material and utilitarian spirit of creative activities,

sports also needs the social nature of spiritual values, in addition to the improved physique create your own function. To create his character and other cultural

activities spiritual values ​​different but related. Allen Iverson Basketball Shoes The biggest difference is that it's easy to understand the affinity scale scenes wide and modern spiritual needs of

the self-consistent, and to create time and space scalability. Dance to expressive artistic spirit disposable body movements and sports in the framework of the

technical requirements to reflect the spirit. Due to differences of social direct adhesion spiritual connotations sport overcome more than other cultural activities.

This is hard to understand many art forms, and the sport is relatively easy to understand because they directly the size of the market (including potential market).

The same time, the sport can also make use of other cultural resources, demonstrate the rich spiritual connotation, have a unique advantage to get more audience and

more far-reaching effects, this is not only the needs of the Sport, Sport Culture Industry Development Foundation .

Therefore, extensive, far-reaching degree endurance sports creative mind infiltration a basic theoretical and Derrick Rose Shoes practical foundation for sports and cultural industries.

The starting point is low so. Spiritual values ​​of sport scalability over other cultural activities In short, the global sports and various cultural art forms in good

developments that created good conditions for sports and cultural industries. Depression Sport Technology is organizing Charles Barkley Shoes closely with the introduction of market

mechanisms in the context perhaps financed the national sport, film and television scripts and prompt sports comic, comedy, dance, Olympic Painting and Calligraphy

Competition practice likely to achieve good economic and social benefits.
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Re: the analysis of the internal aspects of sports and cultu

Postby salasenlinal » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:23 am

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