it is almost impossible to answer

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it is almost impossible to answer

Postby mynikecheap » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:16 am

This question is revolutionary, it is almost impossible to answer. Course modernists tried to answer (I have tried to answer this question), but these are not enough

to "loud" to answer, because the answers to these questions from a fundamental perspective to one word: vulgar, two words: too vulgar. The approximately two-fold: 1,

the needs of the community order. [1] But the goedkope uggs online answer can not say this is wrong, but I think modernist, if the answer is not encouraged, because the people most in need

of this magnitude in the top of the order to understand the sequence is the biggest beneficiary of the order. In other words, the desire, the order of the constraints

(the so-called gates of desire), but another desire to be, is a product of the will to power. This order seems to be rational on the surface (discipline) [2], in fact,

only wants. Foucault this thing called power of where you will go with the knowledge and power to be understood: If the order of rational knowledge, rational knowledge

source of power that is the source of power ...

Rebels (postmodern and left) [3] to see from this structure, what? Limit, in fact, it is the desire, desire AB is B wishes to himself, as if out of the desire for

transcendence standard. Lies! Therefore, the so-called "order" in a lie, it's Ugg Classic Mini Laarzen Bestellen Online just another form of desire.

The second answer seems to be vulgar: Social and human welfare. Something with the "money" side, do necessarily vulgar. And in fact say that it is vulgar. "Welfare"

the thing has always been the desire the good of the "people" that vocabulary is better, a revolutionary left base, rather than the "protection of society" become

reasons, because the distribution of benefits is unfair (Marxism proof), therefore It is not this way, "desire" allocation and control. This reasoning. Marx said:

smashed, losing the old world, the workers but their chains. Restrictions on personal desires then this so-called welfare, UGG Classic Mini Laarzen it is difficult, a real legitimacy.

But on this basis, but also put forward other softer and therefore less likely to be fought on the basis of (seems to be a trend in the direction of modern ethics, I

do not know much about), majority and minority issues. Not easily be put down, and so the mainstream of contemporary philosophy of social desire [4]. Suppressed some

desire to be (desire A), while others should desire promoted (request B), is the damage, because the
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