China's intellectual as the only orthodox Marxism

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China's intellectual as the only orthodox Marxism

Postby mynikecheap » Mon Dec 03, 2012 5:15 am

49 years later, China's intellectual as the only orthodox Marxism, existentialism subjected to criticism and rejection as a representative of bourgeois ideology. However, a few years later, we again Sartre as a "progressive writer and Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir's visit to China in 1955 to join. The main reason is the political attitude of Sartre is essentially a leftist, and actively criticized capitalist ideology in the Second World War, and gradually closer to the total nike shoes nz online with the law, and expressed support for the Soviet Union was also, by the end of 1951, Henry Martin, member of the French Communist Party, the opposition colonial war in Indochina , the French Government of conscience was arrested, Sartre took part in the rescue of the campaign of Martin's, and the latter were eventually released. But the outbreak of the 1956 Hungarian events caused strong dissatisfaction of Sartre, his fierce criticism of the CPSU and the law, leading to relationship breakdown. Sartre is again representative of the bourgeois ideology of progressive writers in China. Following the end of the fifties, Sartre and French existentialism Translation is still in full swing, modern foreign philosophy and social sciences Digest. School and People "published" Marseille and Saudi Arabia - two French existentialist philosopher and let Bell of Lenin prize not accepted - Paul Sartre 'Book Review "published" an nike free run womens sale existential aesthetic: Saudi Arabia and Mellau -

Ponty's doctrine "and Sartre:
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" [1]. There are a number of works of existentialism as the internal reading material translated. In 1963, the Commercial Press philosophical works of Sartre's "Critique of Dialectical Reason, Volume I Volume: methodological issues, the same year, the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the foreign bourgeois philosophy Materials" compile "the existentialist philosophy" is a collection of existentialism of Sartre is part of a humanitarian "and" Being and Nothingness "chapter; 1962 Commercial Press also publishes the Waldorf" A short history of existentialism. literature, Zheng Yonghui translation published by the Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House in 1961 Mengan translation of Camus' "The Outsider" and the 1965 Shanghai Press writer Sartre's "horror and others. These translations and translation of other modern nike air force 1 shoes on sale Western thought, its purpose is as a critical information, but the actual effect makes the Chinese intelligentsia of existentialism is not entirely unfamiliar with critical information to understand the modern Western thought and literature, Chinese intellectuals in the era of universal state.
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