China's intelligentsia from the beginning of the new

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China's intelligentsia from the beginning of the new

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China's intelligentsia from the beginning of the new era a positive Translation existentialism earliest precursors of temperature "Sartre and existentialist" and Liu Mingjiu compiled with "Sartre research. Released. Xu important introduction of life Sartre and his philosophical and political thought," Sartre research mainly mainly literary works and Sartre's literary criticism, these books become the main guide of China at that time about Sartre and existentialism. Then Sartre's most moncler jacken outlet important literary works and philosophical works quickly translated and published, and sales, especially in "Being and Nothingness" and "existential Intellectual important events at the time of the publication of a humanitarian. Following the eighties Another important figure of the French existentialist Albert Camus translation, 1980, published by Shanghai Translation Publishing House Gu Francis,

Xu Zhiren translation "plague", 1985, the People's Literature Publishing House Guohong A translation of Camus in the collection of short stories, in 1986 Lijiang Publishing House published the Yu-min translation of "justice", the second year, the Joint Publishing Du Xiao true translation of philosophical essay, Camus' "Myth of Sisyphus. "Camus's writings is not much in the middle of the Moncler Jacken Damen Online eighties essentially complete translation of the works of Albert Camus. Mao Chongjie" existentialist aesthetic and modernist art "existential literary theory summarized.

Existentialism and Chinese knowledge with the following characteristics:

Firstly, although the existential Chinese intellectuals to form a strong influence, but do not constitute a specific school of thought. The impact on the Chinese receivers is subtle or open the moncler herren jacken outlet windows of the one for the "modernist" Chinese literary thinking "study" the problem of reference. Literary and intellectual existentialism of China with open arms, but it is difficult to say that the number of "existential" Translation addition, it is difficult to say that the Chinese theory and literary works "existential thinkers and writers. This appeared in
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