China's top ten most expensive rental city NetEase

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China's top ten most expensive rental city NetEase

Postby mkkt3s5c3c » Sat Dec 01, 2012 3:11 am

Shanghai: rent 3000 yuan Shanghai Yaohan nearby rental cost

in Pudong Yaohan, living with a group of just white-collar work hard line at the start of their career, they do not substantial revenues, but also do not want to waste time in the congestion of the way to work. Look into the real estate agent,jimmy choo pumps, and hundreds of 3000 Yuan Dynasty on rent may be the equivalent of a month's salary of the small white-collar workers. The Juyuan intermediaries have word of mouth Lujiazui seven mansions . If you are standing on the residential high-rise, from the balcony overlooking the past, one can see the towering Yaohan. Shared with others, a fine decorated second bedroom rental is around 3,300 yuan. Juyuan in Pucheng road weekend night walk to Riverside Park, is a good choice, walk past about 20 minutes. Because of its quality between the high-end luxury with between It is understood that the The Juyuan monthly rental price: 6683 yuan. A ranking of 5,143 yuan, 6,403 yuan, 7,334 yuan Sanju Futai single 1300. Second-hand housing average price of 35,373 yuan. In Tianjin:

school the Sides & new immigrants Jiaore rental market along with the school, the school district housing rental demand is also rising. Bedroom room rental minimum school district for $ 600 per month, up to $ 3,000 a month more expensive listings. Rental housing so expensive school district, also exists in other urban focus near the school. But compared to the key middle school in nearby listings, general school district room rent change is not obvious, the hundred or so with the rise in the market. Just before graduation, the college senior students about to leave school, but part of the graduates to continue to to Kaoyan, or work, but still the same with the fire of the rental market around the school. Went to the peak of the year who worked. For the residential rental market, the Room Tianjin multiple business district surrounding area, the emergency the single thermal rent apartment disk source. Now Tianjin Manor Bedroom Apartment with appliances rent 3200 yuan / month, while Ershiyiting with appliances rent of 6,000 yuan / month. Adjacent to the Book Building Bailou Shi Jia has always been a hot real estate leasing market Xiaobailou business district, this year, between the disc single, One Bedroom rental market is as hot as in previous years, the two-bedroom with a home appliance rental widespread in 5000 yuan / month .
Hangzhou: sales slump renting market to take the heat

live in the north of the city before the Miss Chang for a few days just to pay the rent, more than 70 square meters. room one hall from the original $ 1,200 / month suddenly rose to 1600 yuan / month, another Miss Lee's house, has recently gone up 200 yuan / month. The sales slump acceleration take the heat of the rental market. Miss Chang's classmates Xiaojiang to have sets Arphic Court house, not going to their own homes, originally wanted to sell, to see if the market is not good, decided to sublet. I did not expect to just listing out about phone showings fights no peace. The price is not cheap, a set of 86-square-meter two-bedroom rent of 3,700 yuan / month.
[b] Nanjing: quality listings landlord raised the rent one or two hundred

Modern Express reported, college students graduation season coming, Nanjing housing The rental market has already begun to be active, the rent amount listed in May ring up more than two percent. Recently renting is indeed more widely Property east Director Wu Xinjun, rental housing will usher in the second peak of the year, due in June, many college students to summer internships or graduate work. The 365 Website Statistics show May personal rental houses listed the amount of chain rose 21.8%. In the city area, Dan Shitao listings generally about 1500 yuan / month; years older Liangshiyiting listing price about 1800 yuan / month, the decoration slightly better offer 2,000 yuan / month. Wu Xinjun said rental during the height of the first wave after the Spring Festival this year, Nanjing rental prices there have been a wave of rising main city, rents have been at a high level, the landlord if you continue to price increases will exceed many guest affordability. While the in Xianlin region, college students renting is more urgent, many intermediary reflect occasional quality listings landlord rent increases in one or two hundred.
Chongqing: District rent the broad based maximum rose 25%

Shenzhen: apart twelve station rent difference big slice avoid thermal cooling trend is prescription

the full opening of the Shenzhen Metro,Nike Free Run, off the outside of the same type district rents are relatively cheap, attracted many tenants by turning OFF Kannai, come together to form a strong influx of Subway effect has also been apparent in the rent, on the estate of a subway the folk station near the River Square, for example, two months before the subway opened, the real estate Yishiyiting room on monthly rent from 1500 to 1600 yuan rise 1800 ~ 1900 yuan; Longhua Area Yishiyiting's monthly rental of approximately 1,600 yuan, while the rent of 1,300 yuan before the subway opened. Been on the the Meilin high rent squeezed, Ms. Lin intend to rent to live outside the customs. Her original figure convenience, rent two-bedroom units of 73 square meters at the the ring midline Minzhi site clean water dragon court, the monthly rent of 2,630 yuan. Go a few stops as recommended by a friend, and ultimately found the same subway line into the water Keng Station near Kun Xiang Garden 68-square-meter two-bedroom monthly rent of only 2,040 yuan. Property rents rising in tandem with the mark some hot site,timberland boots uk, adjacent to several sites with quality Metro property rentals there is a 20% to 30% of the difference. Insiders suggested Kannai the white-collar the rental off outside subway property may wish to avoid heat cooling trend
Sanya: renting , no air conditioning, beds, cabinets and other furniture, the October monthly rent of 450 yuan, such as long-term lease for more than six months, the monthly rents ranging from 600-800 yuan. Reporter survey found very Most landlords are reluctant to long-term lease, it is best to only rent for a month or two. As for the reason, they candidly: a large number of rental listings, driving up rents, resulting in a large number of working-class renters had to withdraw from the city circle, to Phoenix the town, the Pro village, Kat xiangyangzhen, litchi ditch rent. Single area of ​​the house than the house in the city, about 25 square meters, mostly in the, simple furniture rent long-term lease rent short of $ 450, and the landlord are more willing to long-term lease. Who work in the city of Sanya the Hubei Province guy Gao Hongbo told reporters, his home, the parents have children, need at least three rooms, such as the rental in the city, at least to rent more than $ 2,800. While in Kyrgyzstan xiangyangzhen, rent less than 1,000 yuan, the utilities still relatively cheap. For the people of his monthly income of only 3,600 yuan can only come here to rent.
[b] Guangzhou: Villages rent rose sharply graduates dwelling

had just graduated from South China Agricultural University, Liang, a communications company to do trial work, trial The monthly salary of 2,000 yuan. Less income, he and Qin Jieming Cencun sharing a set of less than 40 square meters Bedroom Xue Xin, just returned from Guangdong Lingnan Vocational and Technical College graduate recruits only a half, but to find room it took nearly two months, almost every corner of the entire Fangcun. A month ago, Xue Xin looked at set of Liangshiyiting house. This suite is an area of ​​less than 30 square meters, located at a remote, sun and environment noisy. Xue Xin in a circle around the room, found the room in addition to two confiscation get up the bed plate, nothing. Landlord offer a rent of 1,200 yuan per month. Xue Xin told reporters: Landlord straight to the point: the effort and expense. The group called Guangzhou plans to expand security coverage, so that the fitness room does not meet the conditions of purchase, but deposits but few university graduates Today, there is no university graduates to successfully apply for public rental subdistrict offices, as well as the community's neighborhood committee will not be able to support.
Qingdao: Green Sides confused and dreams

, house prices, rents and other multiple pressures, the base rent, rented dwelling, became Green Sides the rental status quo of the ant. Qingdao various rental website, often able to see the Bed, This is quite tempting for college students who have just graduated, job insecurity. The 30-year-old Tank is an advertising company's director of sales, salesman from the initial to the management, Tank revenue gradually, part of the funds accumulated. More than a year ago, Tank Apartments to rent in the city of North Central Business District near the rent has not surged, coupled with a long-term lease, a Methodist hardcover room apartment monthly rent of 1,700 yuan, now there rents have risen to more than two thousand yuan. The stakeholders analysis that promote the influx of foreign population Qingdao renting Boom, coupled with the prices on the basis of demand, rents are naturally difficult to decline. Since the purchase of this year, not only the new home transactions in case of cold,Nike Free Shoes, second-hand housing turnover is down to the freezing point. Intermediaries and landlords have to open up a way out, a lot of listings for Letting. According to a branch of the South Pacific Housing City manager Zhou Guohua, the rental market this year is better than last year, has been relatively stable since March, unlike previous years, the short season boundaries, than the past has been rising rents. (This article Source: Daily)
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Chinas top ten most expensive rental city NetEase

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