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Hollister17 Allowable Contact

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Ice hockey rules define the game standards, player expectations, face-offs and causes of penalties. The fast-paced game relies on rules to keep it running smoothly,.
Game Time
Welcome to the ice box! A hockey rink is split into zones by a center ice line that is red and two blue lines. The rink measures 200 feet by 85 feet and has boards and a Plexiglass shield around it. This prevents any rowdy play from spilling into the stands and keeps misguided hockey pucks from injuring a spectator.
&#160,;A hockey game consists of three 20-minute time periods. The clock stops during any pause in play.
Team Members and Substitutions
A hockey team sends six players to the ice: five skaters and one goalie. Skaters are either forwards or defensemen. With the exception of the goaltender, all players can go anywhere on the ice,. The goalie cannot pass the mid-court red center line.
No limit exists for substitutions. Subs may enter at any time and do not need permission from a referee. A sub can enter during play, but the exiting skater must be within five feet of the bench. He also cannot be involved in the current play or with an opposing skater.
Face Off
To begin play,Hollister Shop, the referee drops the puck between two opposing forwards,Hollister. Remaining players position themselves on the defensive side. If the game is stopped for any reason, a faceoff resumes play,. Nine faceoff circles are painted or marked on the ice.
Allowable Contact
Only certain body checks are permitted. Players can hit or slow an opponent by using a shoulder, hip or upper torso only if the opponent has possession of the puck. Any hit to the head is illegal. If a player is facing the boards, a body check to the back is illegal, also.
Penalty Box
Referees determine if contact is a body check or a penalty. Penalties are split into two groups: minor and major. Minor penalties send the guilty player to the penalty box for two minutes. No substitution can be made during this time period. If the opponents score a goal within the two minutes,Hollister Shop, the penalty ends.
Minor penalties fall into three categories:

Major penalties result in serious time in the penalty box. Charged players spend five minutes in the box. Major offenses typically fall into two categories:

Since you know the basics of hockey, you can sit back and enjoy the fast-paced nature of the game,Hollister Online Shop.
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