Sina Sina travel time plucked rhyme Jianshui the W

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Sina Sina travel time plucked rhyme Jianshui the W

Postby mkkt3s5c3c » Wed Nov 28, 2012 4:52 am

quartzite street smile at you graceful

consciousness, as long as the city and the water slightest, that city will become very tenderness very romantic . For example, or. City However, there is no imagination is so watery lay gurgling water. Instead quaint town,Longchamp le Pliage, quietly waiting in there, like a diamond in the rough hermit, waiting for my search. This is what I aspire to style.
find a a plain small hotel, rush settled baggage, they dove into the ancient city alley, the alley twists and turns deep, criss-cross, simple but exquisite. The lanes are paved with bluestone, for thousands of years, has been polished smooth green light. Inch of land at every step falls are received from a different era, countless footsteps. Street house exudes old atmosphere, eaves facade set off with exquisite carving or painting, bird Cordyceps, like many. Seems to Jianshui liked poetry, and very talented. Otherwise, these buildings almost works of art, how can full of poetry? Regular script, cursive script,Belstaff UK, seal script, clerical script. Emotion, beautifully colorful strokes. In the flesh and blood verse, will certainly full of the Jianshui mind. Lin'an (Jianshui formerly) the ancient city has become more plentiful and rich connotation up.
walk in Jianshui ancient city alley, the sky began to rain, to Jianshui small town even more handsome and bright and clean. Visitors coming and going, still carefully tasting each meter scenery of the ancient city. I and other visitors a feeling of do not have words to say but much the same mood, immersed in the ancient city alleys, heard a Chinese wind . At that moment, I was intoxicated.
to build water, be sure to take a look at where the old well. Say that it is the old well, is not an exaggeration, because it at least a few hundred years of history,Supra Shoes UK. A few mouthfuls of the old well hidden in the most hidden place of the old streets like a quiet, independent temples, surrounded with stone walls,Vans Shoes UK, round and round in the middle. Rope India the Gujing the vicissitudes deeply written at the wellhead, but the traces left by the long years of friction, deep enough to have a few inches. Locals from generation to generation is adjacent to the same old well, they have each other to know each other. Furui endless feeding to Jianshui children from generation to generation, there is no depletion did not complain, this is a great.
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