8 French models and four Japanese models

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8 French models and four Japanese models

Postby Nikebook » Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:25 am

8 French models and four Japanese models

8 French models and four Japanese models. Coach Outlet .Aesthetics open to go first show.To the 1980s.Montagut (Montagut), crocodile (Lacoste), the elderly heads (Leonardo di Gasun), Playboy (Playboy) have arrived.Chinese people began to have the concept of fashion brand.It quickly engulfed the blue cloth colors decades.The clothing manufacturers began the. Coach Outlet Canada.Colored clothing stores also put a certain fashion brand.Now it seems.Not much to these brands and luxury.But at the time.Intimate contact with these brands.Is indeed a luxury thing. At that time.France Moet Hennessy - Louis Vuitton (LVMH).Swiss Richemont (Richemont), Paris Spring Department Store (PPR), although the group began to spread around the world.However, take aim, the object is in the United States and Japan.In China.Only trading company in Hong Kong and mainland coastal sporadic operating luxury brands.Some brands even smuggled into China mainland high society. Coach Canada.Really, not many people know that these brands. Through the 1990s.Relying on the five-star hotel with a foreign background.Luxury only foothold into China's mainstream society.The Peninsula Beijing in accordance with the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel shopping arcade mode.The ground floor of the hotel's second floor turned into a boutique Gallery.Began to sell high-end merchandise.August 8, 1991.Italy Zegna (Zegna) in the The boutique Gallery opened China's first luxury outlets.Must use foreign exchange purchased coupons (FEC).More clearly differentiate between features Louis Vuitton unique LOGO.1992.Louis Vuitton opened its first store in Mainland China also underground palace.1993.Burberry figure appeared at the Hilton Hotel in Shanghai.These brand in China today still maintain a high visibility.
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