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Postby Nikebook » Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:19 am


When you are wearing a fashion street from Daxiang Amoy to the first line.Shouting NO LOGO (refused to brand) slogan.May be a lot of people will be at the heart muttering: and said NO LOGO.Only because of the economic strength. '{0}{0}indeed.{/0}{/0} Mulberry Bags .In today's China.Regardless of money or not.The vast majority of people do not object to the brand.Even wholeheartedly embrace the brand.Brand consumption has become a social trend.To some extent. Mulberry Outlet UK .With the brand.Seems to imply that you have extraordinary taste.And declared to the others with your extraordinary financial resources. No doubt about it.This is a morbid psychological.Because certain aspects deletion.We desire to prove himself through the whole body of the LOGO.If you have to have a brand that he is a human fashion.You really do not fashion.NO LOGO. Coach Purses .Faithful to the real own inner fashion ideas.Said a slogan?Only buy.Not expensive.Learn Maggie Cheung.Her clothes, both first-line brand cheap clothing.Will cut off the clothes behind the trademark.Instead, the label called Maggie Cheung.
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