MeiRie S team leader to disclose

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MeiRie S team leader to disclose

Postby Nikebook » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:58 am

MeiRie S team leader to disclose

Its first high-end, after decades of precipitation.Gradually recognized. Nike Outlet.From chrysalis to beautiful butterfly lightly.Decade of sword.Today, she stood in the new arena after a Butterfly: we set up the brand team.Completely different from the composition to the idea before.We, the face of consumer groups and competition are relatively unique.And the choice of only in high-end shopping malls. MeiRie S team leader to disclose. For building.Wangzhentao frankly.Currently,Placed in a mall department store counter more abroad.And through the years of development.Many of our country already has the ability and equal competition.therefore, Nike Air Max 2012 .Next we remain outside the monopoly advantage and innovative business.The next focus is the development of the department store.CurrentlyAnd its Wan Li Weide, Marie Claire and has been stationed in some of the high-end stores.Achieved certain results.meanwhile, high mark must be pursed Has assembled a new team of technology.Proposed to new combination O'Connell.Innovation the malls mode.Vigorously mall.Further cooperation with the mall depth.In order to effectively support the mall. Nike Air Max.The combination of the golden years of strategic upgrading of a series of research and sales.To truly achieve fast, fast, fast production, quick fast OTC. For the start of the high-end strategy.Chu Hsiu-chi, president of the Chinese department store.Through years of efforts.Nurture the development of the nation's department store industry in China to some extent.But then.Important stage in our nation stronger.The start of high-end strategy.To enter the high-end.Meet the need.Also cater to the needs of the development of the department store industry.We also hope that more such high-end appear like its Wan Li Weide and Marie Claire.Show the elegance of the nation.
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