Chinese gold mining in Ghana Survey shed dug three

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Chinese gold mining in Ghana Survey shed dug three

Postby mkkt3s5c3c » Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:24 pm

in Ghana between Chinese mining Jin, circulating relying Australia Fen River, worry about eating to worry about wearing Gold volume.
In June 2010, the penniless the Guangxi Shanglinhu Lee Zengquan borrowing at a friend's help 150,000 shares, he moved to Ghana from gold mining flow Vietnam. Stationed in Australia Fen River, from upstream to downstream, coastal erected gold mining shed.
before him, in 2009, the Guangxi Shanglin people Qinchao Wu came to Ghana to do in the domestic motorcycle sales agents, he described himself as a If it fails, do not intend to return.
Tan Chaowu gold mining site located the Ghana Western Province Samreboe mine, the Tano River River, is a the Ghana mining services company Departure from Accra, Ghana, at least 10 hours by car.
in Ghana placer mining gold mining groups in China mainly because of The sand washing aspects can not be separated from the water, in the Ghana Australia Fen River, Tano River and other rivers along the coast,Nike Free Shoes, including the Chinese people,jimmy choo uk, including the gold mining groups intensive.
2010, China adopted Jin first start bulk influx of Ghana. a production line, funds or borrow or scrape, some even a loan shark.
in the Su Zhenyu seems, the entry of Chinese mining Jin revolutionized the small Ghana (Gold) level mining and technology
process machinery instead,jimmy choo outlet.
Shanglin sand pump after a decade by a Chinese mining Jin fumble improvements comes by several major components of the sand pump, water pump,True Religion UK, digging machines, garnet slot, artificial gold by semi-mechanized replaced.
Su Zhenyu said that, in the 1990s, Hunan will play sand to enter Ghana.
had the locals gold mining way of comparing the original: dig a hole ten meters blasting the bottom of the cave, the young adults will be fried stone pullback village, the elderly and women with a hammer to knock stones into peanuts size of gravel, young adults then the the tools similar stone size gravel Chung into powder by women to get into the river to wash.

2006 Nian the Shanglin sand pump artistry pass Rujia Na, completely changed the pattern of Ghana placer gold mining. Mining in China Jin circle circulating
gold mining process process is not complicated. Ceded in 7:30, digging machines reclaimer, local workers to wash the sand has been dry to 16:30, the Chinese workers cleared garnet gold recovery.
Jinsha carried back to the shed, but also a series of processes through the Gold Rush, sun gold, sieve gold the final golden such as fine gold sand put gauges weighing.

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