how White collar should be to face pressure?

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how White collar should be to face pressure?

Postby gojerseysite » Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:11 pm

1, white-collar workers face pressure, do not escape pressure. Because each white-collar will have pressure, will be "promotion to his unable position"; Because it will accompany us through the whole life journey, so white-collar workers must be brave face.
If, white-collars encounter a pressure fled from, they give up, so not only against pressure excluded, and colleagues will also develop their timid, cowardice and inferiority bad psychological. cheap jerseys
2, white-collar workers to their own advantages disadvantages of correct assessment. Many white-collar workers have no confidence to oneself, is mainly didn't see their own advantage, always to see her own shortcomings. Of course, know himself is a difficult process, Socrates' wisdom -- "know yourself" still engraved in ancient Greece Delphi before the temple of Apollo stele. jerseys free shipping
3, white-collar "decompression". Learn to release their own emotions, there are many methods, such as: and bosom friends drink drink, see mountain. A few people gather together outing a day. The weekend a person to see all night movie to wait, can release your emotions, relieve pressure.
4, white-collar learning and improving. Ability is not the only reason for the pressure, but a very important reason. So to develop the habit of self-study, only by constantly learning and improve their ability and quality, to be effective in relieving pressure. wholesale jerseys
5, white collar should be learning benchmarking, abandon bandwagon psychological. Every white collar workers should and his past comparison, to see their own ability is in the enhancement, its own mode of thinking is in progress, but not every day and successful white-collar bandwagon. wholesale nfl jerseys
Successful white-collar is not to "keep up with the joneses", because the success of others that his ability, thoughts, quality, and opportunity go has been walking in front of you, that you go to "keep up with the joneses" what significance. Instead of to "keep up with the joneses", still be inferior to him as his own a learning benchmarking, look at others are the advantages, to learn, step by step to improve. The management that "to mark" management.
In a word, the pressure big absolute not under low ability. Hope white-collar all learn "self-extracting", "go into battle with" create life, enjoy life.

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