A god of death really have a timetable?

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A god of death really have a timetable?

Postby gojerseysite » Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:11 pm

University of Toronto neurological professor Andrew. He led the team in the November issue of the neurological annual report "said they found a gene mutation, may forecast humans most likely of the time of death. cheap jerseys
The findings derived from another old people sleep cycle research. Fifteen years ago, the professor's rate of scientific research group study 65 years old man's sleep problems, and how to identify Parkinson's disease and alzheimer's disease.
On the analysis of 1200 samples, the professor's lead team accidentally discovered sleep rules and "the first cycle" gene variant of connection between the gene mutation in the human body biological clock plays a main role in. jerseys free shipping
The study found that the morning get up before seven points are more likely to have adenine (AA) nucleotide alkaline base, and slugabed are more likely to have guanine (GG) nucleotide alkaline base. Don't early or late, both (AG).
The professor's so thinking whether gene mutation to the deaths. So he shall carefully over the dead man's DNA and their death. He found that early bird (AA and AG) more easily in the 11 o 'clock death, but lie in who (GG) more easily in the evening around 6 death. wholesale jerseys
Here's the Toronto star quoted professor an E-mail said: "A simple gene mutation will affect such as when to die so that the basic problem, this a little creepy." He also claimed that, 17% of the GG TuBianZhe will later than others die average 6 hours. wholesale nfl jerseys
The result is still confined to the laboratory based on saliva or blood sampling DNA sample. Asked if he would predict in life and death, the professor's said: "no, I will obey fate!"

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