How should computer gens nourishing the liver?

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How should computer gens nourishing the liver?

Postby gojerseysite » Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:11 pm

As is known to all, the computer gens to eyes hurt very big, but very few people know, actually also has a great influence on the liver. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a word that is liver and eye relationship, called "liver begin to understand in the eye". Liver and eye relationship is very close, nourishing the liver to protect the eyes, liver keep good, eyes are so natural. cheap jerseys
Traditional Chinese medicine also pointed out that "long apparent hurt liver, sedentary break a bone", "liver in complexion performance for blue", "people lie is to liver blood". Computer gens if long-term stay up late, the blood does not to courage, without detoxification and to transport to the whole body, is easy to make toxin reflux. Therefore, the second day, the person's complexion will have HuiQing color appear. So, the computer keeping in good health race from nourishing the liver start. jerseys free shipping
1. To go to bed early. In 23 point must be before sleep, keep the blood back to liver detoxify.
2. Eat more green food. Because the blue into the liver meridian, can have the effect of nourishing the liver protect liver. Often feed leeks, can enhance human spleen, stomach gas. In addition, onion, garlic is also the raise liver Yang market. wholesale jerseys
3. Maintain good mood. "Liver in volunteer for anger", also is the characteristic for the performance of the anger, liver imbalance will affect a mood, make the person be agitated; Conversely, mood be agitated can also affect the liver. wholesale nfl jerseys
4. Don't long time on TV, the computer work. To change a proper posture, massage massage eyes. "Liver begin to understand in the eye", eyes too fatigue can also affect the liver.

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