White-collar careful's greed disorder

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White-collar careful's greed disorder

Postby gojerseysite » Sun Nov 25, 2012 2:11 pm

"White collar's greed disease" is a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder, once the frustration soon showed obvious hysteria, even from the nue self-injury. Easy to an extreme form of usually is introverted, temper weird, depression or gloomy white-collar workers. As the aggravate that the society competes, work pressure step by step, a kind of call "white-collar's greed disorder" psychological disease increasingly appeared in white-collar gens, this can cause the attention of people. cheap jerseys
The young LiaoXiaoJun in a large electronic commerce company as an ordinary clerk, work time although is not long, but the result is not common. Can is, and he invited colleagues found that has always been "very ambitious" he recently often long stay in the room, again and again in number with his few ZhangYinHang CD, or a fold just hand yuan, on the face still hang some weird smile. He also in the dormitory room wall hung "annual total wealth rise map", "personal wealth ZhiShuBiao", "personal income recent planning" and so on devil's chart, often paint on it, and sometimes cry and laugh. jerseys free shipping
The doctor said analysis, this is a kind of along with the social competition, working pressure step by step of a kind of typical white-collar psychological disease. This is A kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and psychological society related mental disorder, A virtually force yourself and others more economic income, is A kind of morbid, conscious JiangPaiShi behavior, force yourself to overly attached to the satisfaction of money. Do form, to any work pressure, with strength for higher income to meet the psychological requirements. A can recognize themselves A little weird and accept their friend's advice to treat is good, at least she character is more friendly, wholesale jerseys easy to accept friends opinion, but "white collar's greed syndrome" has strong stubborn, concealment and harmfulness. A lot of people in different ways show the symptoms at the same time they don't notice, and easy to sick crowd is introverted, temper weird, depression sullen white-collar. They have a superiority complex, the habit alone thinking to solve analysis of psychological problems, do not wish to turn to the doctor, the symptoms related to understand the lack of channels and opportunity, if the money or the harvest satisfy can't induced etiology, once the external influence by the internal cause, appear economic slump phenomenon, wholesale nfl jerseys or there was a long pause, they are pretty easy to performance weak side, to partner to lose your temper, calumniate colleagues, in his own room throw east west, tried to catch hair, show hysteria and even from the nue self-injury.

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