Inter Milan vs Cagliari 2-2 ( 2012-2013 season ) S

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Inter Milan vs Cagliari 2-2 ( 2012-2013 season ) S

Postby mkkt3s5c3c » Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:34 am

Serie 12 guest Italian blue arena Inter 2-3 loss to Atlanta, ending a 10-game winning streak of the League and the European Union two lines, the scene temporarily Points standings ten Cagliari,InStyler Iron, the Nerazzurri must be like coach Lancaster Rama Johnny requirements as soon as possible out of the defeat before a return to the victory track. Spoelstra will just recovered from Ranocchia and Samuel into the starting lineup to the lineup against the Islanders.
1 minute, Inter the left corner hanging into the box, 卡利亚里后卫 siege not far, Milito after the point of stopping his left foot shot high out of the beam. 5 minutes, 35 meters away from the long-distance Eckedahl fired wide. Seven minutes, Zanetti on the right break for Inter kick opportunity to win large restricted area near the extension cord, Cassano the curveball to the previous point, the small Juan shakes nodded. 8 minutes, Abelard left sink to the bottom pass, right foot volley after point ambush Abelard, Handanovic palms closed out.
10 minutes, Inter Milan opened the scoring, Jiangong the left baseline Palacio, Nagatomo Yuto return, Cassano crossing the ball closed central Palacio from two plug the gap between Cagliari defender into the restricted area before the close shakes Leipzig Hit ,1-0, which is the Argentina striker this season in Serie A and the European Union two lines 10 goals, which is his first 10 game against Sampdoria 5 games in a row from the sixth ball.

16 minutes, Avi Lal cross knock the right foot 35 meters away Nayingelan of Nushe higher. The first 24 minutes, Cagliari launch a counterattack, Nayingelan closed area line near the bottom right corner of the right foot low shot, fell to the ground by Handanovic confiscated. 26 minutes, midfielder Esteban Cambiasso Fanqiang sweep to Saout yellow card. 26 minutes Nayingelan the arc top left volley dipped wide. 29 minutes, Handanovic save the Inter, kossou the left corner sent to the near post, Astori shakes Leipzig dart far corner goal Handanovic struggled denied the ball.
the first 34 minutes, Slovenia abroad reassert divinity, Abelard left baseline left Akira right buckle flashed Zanetti defensive, the lob pass to the far post, after the plug within within leaping high, beat the small Juan header the ball to pound goal Handanovic excellent stations closed out the ball again. Forehead encounter in the process of fighting for a header inside the inner back of the head of the small Juan former was stretchered off the field directly, then Pinilla replaced, and the small Juan played with the injury after the bandage after. 41 minutes, Gargano tactical foul blocking the other side of the counter, and thus booked.
[b] 43 minutes, the visiting team to tie the game, kossou the left side of the road sent the ball low and flat Xiezhuan Juan marking is not tight, The remote outflanking Saout the right foot Chanshe the ball to send the lower-left corner of the door to score ,Clarisonic acne,1-1, which is the 25-year-old native Italian striker scored three goals this season. 45 minutes, Zanetti right crossing the ball, Milito after point right foot volley Dianshe Aga Qi palms played.
49th minute, Cassano restricted rib cage strong eat Rossett Platini, sink to the bottom inverted triangle return, Milito left foot stopping right foot Tongshe Aga Sarkozy fell to the ground saved . The first 50 minutes, Nayingelan positive uprooting Zanetti booked. 52 minutes, Palacio breakthrough to the top of the arc on the left, the Astori uprooting,Longchamp, Inter excellent location kick opportunities, Cassano surgeon takes the kick, but his right foot low shot failed to penetrated the wall. 54 minutes, Milito missed the best chance beyond the score, the Cassano restricted area near the line stopping Zhisai after the long Tomosuke plug are sent the ball low and flat, small restricted area of ​​the palaver immediate concern Milito the face Buddhism foot Tui even high out of the beam.
the first 55 minutes, Cagliari also miss the opportunity, Conti forward pass tear Inter defense line Saout small restricted area on the left side of the ground the Chan She missed. 59 minutes, long Tomosuke are left lying on the ground cross & Milito stopping right foot shot saved the bottom line is the Aga homogeneous cross body, 61 minutes, and the Kossou outside the area of ​​long-range to put the anti-aircraft artillery. 64 minutes Nayingelan restricted area before the ball on his chest volley States Mi Houwei block to Saout the foot, but the latter respond. Room to move the ball pad partial.
[b] the first 66 minutes, Cagliari ahead score, point the meritorious deeds Saout, kossou crossing the ball left, Pinilla far post volley Dianshe on the bounce hit the left post Saout got the ball go past the Inter defender and goalkeeper Handanovic, the left foot the push Kongmen succeeded ,2-1. after following the away game against Atlanta, Inter again put to the test,Clarisonic Mia, in order to seize the opportunity to reduce the points difference Juve draw, they must be over 20 minutes, scored two goals.
71 minutes, Cassano left high cross, the Gargano restricted area near the line Zhisai, to pull Nokia small angle foot Tui Aga Sarkozy denied the bottom line. The first 72 minutes, well Umatilla Cambiasso booked. 74 minutes, Manchester Rama Johnny Kudiniao replaced Juan evolutions 4 guard, Cagliari Iba Hassanal replaced goal hero Saout. 79 minutes, Cassano frontcourt the remote fired wide of the right side of the. 81 minutes, the top of the key before the oblique plug, Cambiasso, Milito right foot pocket shot far corner goal by defender denied.
[b] the 82nd minute, Alvarez played replaced Cassano. Inter then tie the game, it is just debut manufacturing Murder Alvarez, his breakthrough on the right sink to the bottom biography, room to move inside the near post up against the Astor shovel the ball into his own net, the Milan-old the own goal to help former sworn enemy to tie the game, 2-2.

the 84th minute, Inter Milan right side corner hanging into the box, Cambiasso header was blocked by a defender Ranocchia got the ball sideways volley fire, and Aga Qi fell to the ground with the body he denied Inter shy from the go-ahead score right close. 89 minutes, the least bit of difference Nayingelan long shots from outside the area, a little high out of the beam. [b]
in stoppage time, Esteban Cambiasso and Kudiniao go-ahead score, but failed to grasp, and ultimately the two sides 2-2 ending.
Inter Milan (343): 1 - 汉达诺维奇 / 25 - Samuel, 23 - Ranocchia, 40 - Juan (74 '7 - Kudiniao-) / 4 - Zanetti, 19 - Esteban Cambiasso, 21 - Gargano, 55 - Nagatomo Yuto / 8 - Palacio, 22 - Milito, 99 - Cassano (82 '11 - Alvarez)

Cagliari (4312): 1 - Aga Qi / 14 - Pisano, 15 - Rosey Platini, 13 - Astori, 8 - Abelard / 20 - the Exeter Total 5 - Conti, 4 - Nayingelan / 7 - kossou (68 '21 - Dessena) / 18 - Nene (36' 51 - Pinilla), 27 Saout (74 '23 - ibba Bilbo)

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