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So wandering the End of the World blog knowledgeab

Postby mkkt3s5c3c » Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:43 am

the ,Supra UK I do not think so , a lot of people think that writing the the point text called culture , culture is not called to be a product , all I see is a simplistic way of thinking , writing Braille , the dissemination of culture , products dissemination culture , and this process done , a culture of heavy condensation process , it spread more heavy , durable , and is being spread inadvertently . Zhengfei , is not only an entrepreneur , he is also a thinker , a cultural communicators him condensation culture heavy ,Longchamp le Pliage, the spread will be more far-reaching . Then Zhengfei body condensation which culture ? The culture of the idealism : an enterprise with a high degree of entrepreneurs ,Longchamp UK, a certain ideal of a heart despite Zhengfei never shout slogans ,Vans UK, but his heart with lofty ideals , not only make the Huawei build a excellent Chinese enterprises , Huawei made ​​outstanding enterprises in the world , we should also not only want to be a follower in the global communications industry , we need to do pacemaker . This boldness and broad-minded broad . More importantly Zhengfei , not by shouting slogans , but with their own efforts to achieve lead hundreds of thousands of Huawei . The hearts have a dream . Ren dream ......

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