About 2012 online of Hu Shi reading will arrange a

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About 2012 online of Hu Shi reading will arrange a

Postby mkkt1a6v2h » Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:39 am

The , Anyone is welcome to join the online of Hu Shi reading will, as long as you study Mr. Hu Shi interest, and is willing to provide your own reading experience can join. Wishing to entrants in the registration of the End of the World (Ran Yunfei) to the administrator and I applied to join the : Learning the members of the birth. The study members simply enthusiastic urging submitted newspaper column entitled, bibliography, a report can be. Of course,Barbour Jacket UK, learning members himself as a report, natural is the best. Each person or two people to serve one year, and then filled by following introduce ourselves. The : Every report title and bibliography, it is best to be listed at the beginning of the month; the last best a report published before the month twenty-five, special circumstances may be deferred, but not the month does not pay. : Members with himself which month the book report, people consider themselves a final confirmation, but my first column out of a book report in January, in order to advice or their own proposal which months time, in order to We adjusted. Five: 2012 online Hu Shi reading reports timetable 1, blue-violet wood Jin 2, Ran Yunfei 3, ddrose 4,barbour jacket uk, the end of the line goes and who with 5,barbour coats, orchid6685 6, the answer as the maple leaf floating 7 Zhang Jun (network name tentative) 8, Li Jun (screen name tentative) 9, TBD 10, TBD 11, TBD 12, TBD Six: matters,instyler, a consultation with any comments you may be published in the post behind the thread. Points on December 19, 2009 12:19 Chengdu
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