Coach is judged unqualified apology to Chinese consumers

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Coach is judged unqualified apology to Chinese consumers

Postby Nikebook » Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:43 am

Coach is judged unqualified apology to Chinese consumers

Coach brand classic bags Zhejiang industrial and commercial department of Coach the Hangzhou store location Coach two ordinary letters.In the minds of many consumers is enormous.Because it is an abbreviation of the top French luxury brand Coach.Despite the expensive brand stuff is amazing.However, a lot of fashion people. Mulberry Handbags.Prefer to live frugally.But also backs a Coach backpack.However.Chinese fans so many Coach surprise.Not long but because of substandard quality.By Zhejiang industrial and commercial department.Such a well-known brand.An expensive package.How there will be quality problems? The international brand Coach was judged as substandard products Hangzhou Tower is located downtown next to the Wulin Square in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Industry and Commerce departments.Is the most upscale mall in Hangzhou.Which gathered a large number of well-known international brand. Mulberry Handbags.Coach store is located in the most prominent position in the first floor of the building in Hangzhou.It is understood that.This store last year's total sales of nearly two million.Second only to the two stores in Beijing and Shanghai.But is this popular business Coach store.Been identified substandard products.June 6, this year.Zhejiang industrial and commercial department of these stores sell substandard goods punished.556 products detained on the the Hangzhou store quietly closed their doors. Coach Purses.Coach's suddenly closed.Hangzhou consumers are very surprised.
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