The fashion beauty wardrobe personalized consumer concept

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The fashion beauty wardrobe personalized consumer concept

Postby Nikebook » Sat Nov 24, 2012 3:39 am

The fashion beauty wardrobe personalized consumer concept has gradually matured

With stylish the beautiful wardrobe personalized consumption continues to increase.Fashion beauty wardrobe personality consumption concept has gradually matured.Increasingly demand personalized apparel shopping environment of the entire capital.Design the full sense of the trend of philosophy. North Face Outlet .When you stop in the high-end mall before the window.If you want to buy goods dilemma; When you fall in love with this winter new luxury coat.Expensive price swing from time to time; same when you design for the brand's major mall.Each with a friend when upset; When you line up for the mall discount season berserk.Excluded from .......Fashion people have.When the beloved wardrobe into a new personality. North Face Canada .The present.The many clothing purchase channels greet the eyes of the fashion people.Makes it difficult to pick what they like.Among the bustling places clothing wholesale market.Low price and the number of models.However, the shopping environment.The quality is difficult to guarantee; When night fell.Sanlitun Village, Shin Kong, China World Shopping Mall, China Central Place, the capital of several major luxury mall is the brightest fashion people often focal point.Hand relative visiting some.Favorite things are expensive and prohibitive; the now fashionable online shopping experience. North Face Canada.Although slightly in style and price advantage.Because of the quality of the goods, the uneven distribution sectors and after-sales service.Can not meet consumer demand for self-attitude advocated personal experience.Often makes consumers empty-handed. 
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