The eyes are the windows of the soul , the perspec

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The eyes are the windows of the soul , the perspec

Postby mkkt1a6v2h » Fri Nov 23, 2012 11:37 pm

an architect, once through the eyes of a frowning abstract painting, framed and put in a large transparent panel, and then suspended in a few shops before its The intention is to take this to reduce theft. Sure enough, the suspension period, the theft rate is significantly reduced. Not really the eyes, but for those people who have a guilty conscience, they constitute a threat, and tried to avoid the line of sight, in order to avoid the feeling of being tailed, Therefore, they did not dare enter the store, even went into the store, did not dare to steal.
we can not help but sigh, even if not true eyes, has so much power.
eye is most sensitive to the five sense organs, probably accounts for more than 70% of the field feeling, facial features king. From a medical explanation: the eyes are an extension of the brain in the eyes, eyeball the bottom three neurons, like cerebral cortical cells and analysis capabilities, and pupil changes, eye movements, and brain dominated people's feelings will naturally reflected in the eyes.
pupil changes people can not self-control, amplification and contraction of the pupil, truly reflect the complex psychological activities. If a person feels joy, love, excitement, his pupil will be expanded to four times larger than usual; contrary, encountered angry, nasty, negative mood, his pupil will shrink very small; pupil can not afford change, said he was indifferent to see objects or bored.
In fact, people in social life, inner desires or emotions will naturally reveal a pair of eyes on. Therefore, through the eyes seen through the heart, has important implications for exchange and communication between people. Experience tells us that over the years people have left: a really sincere person, their eyes, such as the clear sky of the bright moon,Cheap UGG Boots, giving a sense of simple and honest,UGG Boots; a pure and carefully, their eyes as the clarity of the lake, giving a benign countenance of sense; an open mind, and its eyes cloud the sky; a sharp wit, its eyes eyes sharp such as sky Canxing; a cunning and deceitful in his eyes, as the hole of mouse people are very hard; the a deep Ayutthaya strict eyes such as Sunveil Cloud, people unfathomable; brutal people, their eyes people terror our eyes to judge a person's character, the heart, or occupation, although do not need much the physiognomy level, but also must have the experience of knowing people a long time to accumulate,UGG Boots Sale.
said that police experience in numerous and diverse crowd, with eyes can identify not yet implemented perpetrator thief; senior judges can be tried by eyes, to judge tried, the statement is the truth or a lie. Eyes to judge each other's attitudes and ideas, is not difficult, as long as we pay attention, anyone can do it.
conversation, if a person's eyes to rise, you can understand that he is a bother to listen to you, regardless of your reasons how to make you say how clever; When the other eyes focused condensate given you large according to a predetermined plan to state your opinion, as long as not too much, he should be willing to accept; when other eye circulation is different from the usual, we can see that he might be mind trick, then they should step-by-step Camp extra careful to do; gloomy when the other eye, you should understand that this is a vicious signal negotiate with him must be careful to avoid waiting in the wings. If a person's eyes are scattered, you can know that he is no strong-minded person, can understand that predisposes him intimate knowledge given Cao Shengsuan

In the of our eyeballs rear photosensitive sensitive cornea contains 137 million cells, and the receipt of the information sent to the brain. These photoreceptor cells,Womens UGG Boots, at any time and can handle 1.5 million. Even a fleeting look, can emit ten million information to express emotions and intentions, to reveal their innermost secrets. In a rotation of the eye, eyelid and closing, transfer of the line of sight

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