How to choose your suitable fitness way

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How to choose your suitable fitness way

Postby gojerseysite » Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:08 pm

At present people fitness, sports enthusiasm is very high, but the fitness must have scientific exercise methods. So how to choose to suit their own fitness way?
Bodily form feature of different people should take corresponding motion way, can more conducive to their own strong and handsome. cheap jerseys
A, emaciated, less fat, muscle force is not strong, physical strength is not beautiful person, often internal organ is not too healthy. When you exercise, should first slowly exercise good basic physical strength, and gradually strengthen muscle strength, endurance and physical flexibility, and then to weight training, to participate in aerobic exercise, rope skipping, swim etc dynamic movement. Thin type people must pay special attention to diet. Should drink plenty of rich protein food, to enhance internal organs function, strengthen muscle force, but also to eat a lot of vitamins. jerseys free shipping
Second, look emaciated, but there are a lot of fat, muscle strength and internal organs function often is not strong, physical strength is bad. This kind of person is suitable for sport is walking, climbing stairs, rope skipping, swim etc can make the movement of the fat burning. Diet should avoid gluttony, eat less sweet food, eat less fat high food, but to absorb high protein food.
Three, weight in the standard weight range, but its the upper arm, hip and thigh to abdominal fat exceed standard man. As long as the muscle and joint no problem, can participate in any sport, such as: play, swimming, riding, etc., aerobic exercise better. But if at ordinary times is not often exercise, you cannot sudden strenuous exercise. Should do every sport before, first do some warm up movement and gymnastics, strengthen muscle strength. Only pay attention to diet nutrition balance, moderate feeding, eat less food taken late at night, not excess fat intake of food can. wholesale jerseys
Four, body parts leather fat thickness is too thick, overweight, almost no muscle, bone support weak. In daily life, climb stairs will "gasping for breath". This kind of person should do more aerobic exercise and swimming, can burn fat. Often do static stretching, with aggrandizement musculoskeletal. To remind you is because obese people have high blood pressure tendency, please in before exercise blood pressure, and pay attention to the correctness of the action, but not to do too intense exercise, physical condition not good will stop motion, and cannot be rushed. Food can never excessive dieting. One day can eat 840-1260 coke (200-300) card heat food, in order to protect card balanced. Can't sharply reduced sugar, in order to avoid blood sugar drop, increase hollow feeling. wholesale nfl jerseys
In a word, no matter what the way and method for the exercise shall follow a principle, this is "because of the person different" and step by step.

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