Reduce 80 minutes of sleep equal to a hamburger?

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Reduce 80 minutes of sleep equal to a hamburger?

Postby gojerseysite » Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:08 pm

American media, the researchers found that the more the easier it is to sleep less fat.
According to the report, through the investigation, the researchers found that there is a link between them, so for further research, try in the laboratory conditions, find the details of the link between them. cheap jerseys
The researchers raised 17 volunteers, strictly check their sleep time, food intake and movement condition. The first three night, volunteers can want to sleep, the average time was 6.5 hours. After they were divided into two groups, nine people can be in eight days after, maintain normal sleep habit, and the rest of the eight people sleep time is reduced to 5 hours for 10 minutes. In this process, an unlimited supply of food. jerseys free shipping The researchers found that, before a group of volunteers diet did not change, and then a group of volunteers into appetite is relatively increased. The night sleep less 80 minutes of volunteers absorption of heat rise by an average of 549 card, equivalent to eat a hamburger and a bag of chips.
The study chief summers said, lack of sleep can affect food intake, wholesale jerseysbecause sleep enough, suppress appetite thin protein secretion will be reduced, hunger hormone can increase accordingly. Therefore, these volunteers in 8 days weight all have varying degrees of increase. Mr Summers conclude: "a lot of people in the evening of the time in the Internet, so always slept enough, it will lead to obesity. wholesale nfl jerseys

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