Eight kinds of unfavorable hollow eat food

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Eight kinds of unfavorable hollow eat food

Postby gojerseysite » Fri Nov 23, 2012 3:08 pm

Sugar is a kind of extremely easy digestion and absorption of food, hollow eat a lot of sugar, the human body inside short time cannot produce enough insulin to keep blood sugar normal, make the blood glucose lifts abruptly easy to cause the eye disease. And sugar is acidity food, hollow eat sugar will also destroy the body within the acid-base balance and all kinds of microbial balance, adverse to health. cheap jerseys
Milk, soy milk
The two kind of food contains a lot of protein, empty stomach drinks, protein will be "forced" into heat energy consume, up less than norishing effect. The correct drinking method is and snacks, cakes of bread with flour food with food, or 2 hours after eating or drinking, or bedtime drink all can.
Hollow drink yoghurt, can make the yogurt health care function weakened, and two hours after drinking, or bedtime drink, both nourishing health care, promote digest function, and exhaust purge role. jerseys free shipping
Persimmon, tomato
Contains more pectin, tannin, the above material and hydrochloric acid in gastric juice produce chemical reaction generating dissolves hard gel block, easy to form gastric calculus.
Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes contain tannins and colloid, can stimulate the secretion of stomach acid more, cause heartburn and discomfort.
Cold drink
Fasting state crapulence all kinds of frozen food, can stimulate the gastrointestinal happen contracture, time will lead to all sorts of enzymatic chemical reaction disorders, trigger gastrointestinal disease. During the female menstrual period still can make menstruation occur disorder. wholesale jerseys
Bananas are more magnesium element, hollow eat bananas will make human body of magnesium lifts abruptly and disrupting the body's blood calcium magnesium in the balance, on the cardiovascular produce inhibition, disadvantage in healthy body.
Hawthorn, orange
Contains a lot of organic acid, tartaric acid, hawthorn fruit acid, citric acid, etc, hollow edible, will make the stomach acid zooming, adverse to gastric mucosa stimulation, make gastrectasia full, belching, acid regurgitation water. wholesale nfl jerseys
Above is we should not be in the winter fasting eat food, we in daily life to their diet is exquisite, develop good habits and customs, in order to avoid creates health effects.

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