Expected return six months plunged 80% in a foreig

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Expected return six months plunged 80% in a foreig

Postby mkkt3s5c3c » Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:17 am

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upon consultation, the reporter learned that, in June of this year, Mr. Lee bought a three-month U.S. dollar financial products, due by the end of September,Barbour Quilted Jacket, the product to achieve the expected rate of return of 3.05% . is too great,Barbour Outlet UK. 2.89%, 2.75%, 2.17%, 1.13%, 0.73%, 0.58% ...... since May of this year, the average expected rate of return of the U.S. financial products in just six months time crashing, as this set of figures shown, almost 80% of the dollars paragraph 1-3 month period segment decline in bond and money market financial products. For as Mr. Lee dollar financial investors, this is undoubtedly not a small blow.
However, the disappointment of foreign currency financial products than just Mr. Lee a. A downward trend since July, the pricing of financial products for the different types of investment period in various currencies to the expected rate of return. Reporter observed that the euro average expected rate of return of HK financial products fell by more than half, and even prior to the In June, the average expected rate of return of the Australian section of the 1-3 month period of bonds and money market products to maintain a high of more than 5%, and all the way down since July, and so far only about 2.5%, decline in above 50%.
yields decline makes the circulation of foreign currency financial products was suppressed. According to the statistics of the wealth of general interest, the market in May issued a total of nearly 250 foreign currency products to June, July and August, has been reduced to around 200 models, the September issue of the number of models has fallen below the 200 models, the October issue of the amount is far less than the 100, U.S. dollar, Australian dollar, the euro and the HK products, the downward trend is more serious.
again cut in interest rates of U.S. dollar deposits,barbour jacket uk, the one-year interest rate has been lowered to the level of 1%, while the three-month deposit rate was only 0.4%.
foreign currency deposits interest rate cut is a direct incentive

reporter has to understand the industry generally primarily due to foreign currency The foreign currency financial products yield large landslide deposit rates downward. Puyi wealth researcher analysis Fangrui, 7-9 months is the maximum time period of the decline of the rate of return, which commercial banks have reduced foreign currency time deposit rates node agreement confirms the foreign currency financial products yields and foreign currency deposit rates linkage between relations.
since July of this year, the major commercial banks gradually lowered the interest rate of foreign currency deposits. To narrow the spread between domestic and overseas foreign currency deposits of July 13, the China Construction Bank lowered foreign currency deposit rates, subsequently, the Bank of China,barbour coats, Agricultural Bank of China and work line, respectively down the U.S. dollar, the euro foreign currency deposit interest rates, shortly after, foreign lines HSBC, Standard Chartered also added a down team.
major banks on foreign currency deposits interest rates have dropped significantly, interest rate adjustments involving various period, a decline of more than 25%. Reporters browse the official website of the Bank of China August 27, the Bank of China, updated foreign exchange deposit rates table, the main term deposit rates of the U.S. dollar, euro, Hong Kong dollar, down, which demand deposit interest rate from 0.10%, 0.10 %, 0.02% down to 0.05%, 0.01%, 0.01%. In addition, in the latest update on October 8, the Bank of China has once again lowered the British pound, euro, Australian dollar deposit rates, the one-year deposit rate of the three currencies were down to 0.75%, 0.70%, 1.575% 0.10 %, 0.20% and 1.50%.
to industry analysts, this year, the RMB appreciation expectations than before significantly reduced, coupled with weak foreign trade situation and the background of the real estate downturn, leading businesses and residents to hold foreign exchange wishes elevated rapid growth, and thus the size of the foreign currency deposits. But was unable to keep up with the growth rate of foreign currency loans, thus creating a larger scale difference between the foreign currency deposits and loans. such pressure resulting in major commercial banks collectively lowered the foreign currency deposit rates., Fang Rui
Foreign currency financial management need to be cautious to weigh

space narrowing of the foreign currency investments, foreign currency financial products also has investment value?
Fangrui suggested that investors still have the option of the holders of foreign currency to foreign currency financial products, after all financial products yield compared to the foreign currency deposit rates also advantages. At the same time, investors are the best choice for the medium-and long-term financial products to lock in higher yields.
dollars financial products, for example, the 3-6 month dollar financial products the average expected return rate has dropped to 1%, but more profitable bank deposit or space.
In addition, the industry official said, although the foreign exchange deposits slightly higher than the expected return of foreign currency financial products, but still unattractive compared to RMB financial products. The same time, the foreign currency market exchange rate fluctuations frequent overseas capital market risk, risky financial products. Handheld dollar investors such as Mr. Lee, in addition to buy financial products, to make investment in gold is also a good choice.

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