now popular 'old' effect

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now popular 'old' effect

Postby Nikebook » Thu Nov 22, 2012 11:01 pm

Reporters look at the pants. Saleswoman came accosted Canada Goose Jakke. "Very cheap $ .10 a wholesale cheaper." Reporter asked. "This is not the old clothes?" Saleswoman categorically denied. " Canada Goose Norge. now popular 'old' effect. "next to a small business owners are wholesale he singled out relatively clean chunk stains were thrown into the other side of the election left .

The clerk spot "treatment" old pants into stylish wearing shoes, a saleswoman in a shop. Walking back and forth in a house full of pants. Then she sat down to start finishing these jeans. Reporters noticed that she a snagging or wear pants. Hole tools and sewing. Canada Goose Parka Employer as "doing the old" to cover up the traces of cigarette burns holes and other obvious old clothes. Instant between pants became a fashionable retro jeans.
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