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The Football Betting Board

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The Football Betting Board

A pro football betting online player will also notice numbers to the immediate right of the two teams posted on the football betting jerseys The smaller of those numbers is the football betting spread. That number is posted to the immediate right of the team that is favored in the matchup. The larger number that is posted to the immediate right of the team name of the underdog is the over/under or custom nfl jerseys wholesale The over/under is the total combined score between the two teams in a game that players can wager on either going over or under that posted number.

There is yet another number listed on the online football betting rotation, usually to the immediate right of both the pointspread number and over/ under number and that is the moneyline which may also be referred to as M/ nfl jerseys china The money line is posted on the board for players that prefer to bet on a team to win a football game straight up rather than against the football betting spread. The difference with these football betting picks is that the player will lay money instead of points. A typical money line would read something like Kansas City -180, Oakland +160. This means that a pro football betting online player wanting Kansas City would lay out $180 to win $100 plus his $180 back. A player that wanted Oakland would lay out $100 to win $160 plus his $100 back.Official nfl jerseys shop Unlike the pointspread, the player is simply making football picks based on his team winning the game straight up, regardless of the points that they win or lose by.
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