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August Entertainment Index Tencent Entertainment T

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actor aspects of this month,Longchamp UK, only two ENTRY Zhang Han and Hu Ge,Barbour Jackets. Singer Hu Ge, Taiwan Fu the less Li Zongrui rape actress Case swirling speculation arising from either the actress Maggie Wu also facing unprecedented pressure,Supra UK, and negative news left her entertainment figures this month flurry rapid upper fourth. The viewpoints of
: famous of Liu Yifei first-line status as early as possible need to experience since the 15-year-old endorsement
since the first real estate ad debut, Liu Yifei to pure,Belstaff UK, tall, scared to Heaven perfect The image has an irreplaceable position in the minds of many fans, as early as possible as Eileen Chang phrase Arts En consulting entertainment marketing think tank data show,Beats By Dre UK, fans focused for Liu Yifei image keywords in the beautiful, pure, youthful,Longchamp Bags UK, cute, popular costume, the favor of the martial arts film and television works, but it gives the classical,Supra Shoes UK, elegant image of temperament. Recalling its participating film and television work, position to a well-known actress.
other arts grace consulting the Star the brand assets standings research data shows that Liu Yifei ranked 54th in the brand assets standings also have a certain strength, its potential for commercial value and commercial value of the index in the many stars hard targets, visibility on the short board especially compared with the domestic first-line actress, Liu Yifei really need more influence and charisma works available, especially for modern and contemporary themes covered, help to improve in different age layer audience awareness, and to improve visibility. Interpretation: The starting point has brought a high level also need to broaden the movie Road to seek wider development
general female artist debut experience have overseas background of Liu Yifei since 2002 to return to excellent cultural lessons and English can be admitted to the Beijing Film Academy, every step of their stardom are marked with the imprint of the boutique, big production TV drama, from the well-known producer Tour Jianming fancy starred in Wang Yuyan Zhang Jizhong version of refined image in recent years, Liu Yifei have the opportunity to embark on the big screen,Longchamp UK, the drama starred gradually reduce.
Liu Yifei movie role still continues her appearance suitable costume dramas, a Hollywood narrative kernel 2008 kung fu film She changed the pure weak image, starred in the extraordinary skill of the Golden Swallow, movies and domestic first-line or even the world-renowned film professionals to make rapid progress. After her filming of the works are big production, the film has a certain influence, the starting point is brought to a higher level of work. It is undeniable, the Liu Yifei participating role and videos the lack of difference in the type of a romance The movie Road and the outside world its has been its image positioning, only the diversified development of future stardom the road before it blossomed.
undeniable, the Liu Yifei participating role and movie lack of difference in the type, in addition to a love story . The movie Road and the outside world its has been its image positioning, only the diversified development of future stardom the road before it blossomed.
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