American Football

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American Football

Postby mumu252033 » Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:24 pm

The football game is commonly known as ‘Association Football’ around the World. This name, however, means a lot to various countries. The terminology used by Americans is ‘American Football’.buy nfl jerseys china In America, the football started with the variation of the game 'Rugby'. It is believed that the first game that was played in North America was based on ‘Soccer’ rules and it was played between 'Princeton' and 'Rutgers', however, it is widely known that this game in America was started with rugby not soccer.

Who Invented Football?

Football is a word that is confusing and entertaining and a sport that epitomized the pride of a nation and the strength of an athlete. In other places, football is a game known as soccer in America. Football in America is where the quarterback throws the ball to a receiver and everybody is running is running around the gridiron. And football in Europe and other parts of the world means soccer,cheap custom nfl jerseys wholesale where guys run around the field tossing a ball around their knees and head.

The American Football has its roots that arise from rugby. The different universities had been playing football in the jerseys The first football match between the Rutgers University and Princeton University was played on November 6, 1869. In that match Rutgers University won the first game 6-4. From the year 1820 to 1890, the students of Dartsmouth College played football that was known then by the name of Old Division Football and they published the rules in 1871. Since American Football was more or like rugby, Yale University’s Walter Camp encouraged that the schools adopt more standardized rules so that the game would differentiate from Rugby,cheap nfl jerseys which was in 1882.
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