[ Yantai ] Mercedes-Benz R -class cash straight do

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[ Yantai ] Mercedes-Benz R -class cash straight do

Postby mkkt1a6v2h » Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:16 am

models + style the decline in the proportion of the
dynamic performance: 3.0L, 3,Belstaff UK.5L and 5.5L gasoline engines, respectively 170KW/200KW/285KW maximum torque 300NM/NM/530NM with the 7G-TRONIC seven-speed driving more smoothly, while the fuel consumption has been effectively reduced. Aspects,Longchamp Bags, 4MATIC full-time four-wheel drive technology,Longchamp UK, able to calmly deal with the challenges of a variety of road conditions,Monster Headphones.

According to the test results of the national Ministry of Industry,Beats By Dre UK, which models the actual fuel consumption: urban cycle: 16.2L/100km comprehensive conditions: 11.7 L/100km, suburb conditions: 9,Longchamp Bags UK.1L / 100km. (The logo using the fuel consumption data is measured according to GB / T 19233 - The fuel consumption of the identity)

maintenance information: According to sales personnel, cars enjoy a 2 year unlimited kilometer vehicle warranty service. Routine maintenance intervals of 10,000 kilometers,Vans Shoes, the first maintenance free, small maintenance costs 2 yuan, maintenance costs in yuan, the maintenance cost is very high.

Edit Comment: benchmark model of luxury, elegance, luxury, atmospheric qualities ideal for high-end business reception. The external design and internal configuration is almost perfect, just high prices as well as post-maintenance costs to be prohibitive. 5 million in cash benefits,Longchamp Bag, preferential margins in fair, so I think it is necessary to seize the time to buy.

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