Ren Zhiqiang, why blog - my Sohu bluntly 2013 pric

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Ren Zhiqiang, why blog - my Sohu bluntly 2013 pric

Postby mkkt1a6v2h » Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:38 pm


the face of this view, official rightly refuted folk sound a also a curse. But purely from a market perspective, the REN's skyrocketing housing prices that evidence-based. The 18th National Bureau of Statistics released data show :1-September national real estate development and investment growth rate down, houses completed decline in new housing construction area, the decline in the expansion of the land acquisition area; At the same time, real estate sales narrowed, commercial housing sales The growth rate increased.

from the data can be seen that the future trend of the property market, few people believe that house prices in the future can be effectively control the contrary, more and more people are beginning to believe that prices will rise. First, from a land perspective, effective land supply is drastically reduced. Control policies is the first in the land market to react quickly gained momentum in parts of the property market prices in July. In September, Beijing Land Bureau announced the suspension of the 10 land grant, to halt a grant of land in Shanghai, Guangzhou and even urban individual unusually expensive residential projects to take measures to limit the sale.

fool all know, when the overheated property market, land supply should increase rather than reduce the supply. Similarly, when the high-priced real estate to sell in full swing, should also increase the supply to balance supply and demand, flat prices. But now regulators reaction South House would Beiche. To stop the supply of land, of restricted measures taken on expensive real estate, is nothing more than self-deceiving self-deception. Ultimately deceived the people do not understand the laws of economics. Lay hidden dangers to the future of skyrocketing housing prices.

Secondly, economic growth can not be separated from the real estate locomotive. In order to steady economic growth, development and speed. To increase investment, has now become one of the main measures to stimulate the economy. Since April of this year, a variety of local policy stimulus has actually been coded analysis from the Development and Reform Commission approval of the project, in 2012 more than ten provinces (municipalities) super 10 trillion yuan economic stimulus plan has been introduced, its momentum even more than in 2008 4 trillion investment.

then the implementation of the 4 trillion investment and Reform Commission has vowed that the investment will not have a penny to enter the real estate, but then why prices skyrocketing, as long as you are not stupid, slow-witted you will see the hundreds of millions of investment contributed to a variety of investment into the real estate field last disguise Currency forehead is not long word investment in the Great Leap Forward in 2012, will give the property market next year about what impact, let us wait and see, if you repeat the tragedy of 2008, house prices rose how can we not?

last point, Obama re-elected President of the United States, these days many people have expressed the same point of view,Clarisonic acne, it is Obama pushing up housing prices in China. This point of view is a bit far-fetched, but, in order to revitalize the U.S. economy, the Fed launched a third round of quantitative easing (EQ3). Naturally, this will give each attendant brother The large number of U,Longchamp Australia.S. dollar triggered the inevitable excess liquidity of the global currency. A lot of hot money has flowed into Hong Kong, Hong Kong's particularly vigilant in order to avoid prices rising,Longchamp Bag, the first time introduced additional stamp duty to curb real estate investment.

the China foreign exchange
in September surged to 130,InStyler.6 billion yuan, a new high record eight months, and then superimposed fiscal deposits sharp decline of 369.8 billion yuan, the market to increase liquidity The sexual reached 500 billion yuan. It is no wonder that the land market will be sustained fever, the central enterprises will total disregard for market regulation policies have a REN's skyrocketing housing prices that
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