Young was Sir Alex Ferguson blower + blocked the c

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Young was Sir Alex Ferguson blower + blocked the c

Postby readstar23 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:51 am

Mirror: Rafael was Sir Alex dryer + block.
Manchester United 4-4 draw with Everton,GHD Hair Straightener, Manchester City after winning will narrow the difference to 3 points.The Reds have lost a good bureau, who played right-back Rafael became the important responsibility, Ferguson not only with his famous "blower" will he take at a meal, and wants to make him temporarily blocked.
The Tuesday edition of the "Daily Mirror" points out, after Ferguson uses his famous hairdryer teach Rafael a.As a punishment, Ferguson will also temporarily frozen the young Brazil.Next Monday away to Manchester City Kings Mountain battle, Rafael must not.
In fact, Rafael, Evan, Ferdinand and Evra this defence has been very reliable, the past 7 games 6 clean sheets, did not think this iron defense was in the match against Everton suddenly became the bean curd residue.
The game is not Rafael one abnormal performance, Captain Efra also performed worse, Everton full-back Hibbert two right passes manufacturing goal, it is from out of place Efra here to open a gap.But the young Rafael was seen to have the largest scapegoat, young also need such a lesson to the more mature.
So far this season, Manchester United have in the home league lost the ball 19, which is the Premier League was founded 20 years the worst record, in addition, Manchester United are Champions League, UEFA Cup and League Cup home matches lost the ball 12, a total of 31 games against United's defence, did some unqualified,GHD Australia.
With Manchester City, Smolin or Phil Jones will replace Rafael's position, Smolin is currently the most good Ferguson.Smolin has the height also have a strong build, with him against Manchester City player to play strong is a good choice,GHD Straightener Australia.
After retiring as sky television billiards critic Gary Neville, for the Reds in the last 7 minutes 2 Liandiu ball players was very surprised, "was I thinking?3-1, 4-2 are equalized, this is crazy.United left opponents too much space.
"Neville also pointed out, should Manchester United at the time of 4-2 to keep a result, not to blindly attack.
To lose this dichotomy, Manchester United are likely to lose to win the initiative.At Manchester City by Ferguson as a coaching career experienced one of the most important derby.
Mancini repeatedly weakness, psychological warfare master Ferguson choose to take that, he ironically not by money Manchester City, Manchester United won by the cultivation of young people, and not like the city so blindly throwing money, "the game is not all the money and passion of the competition, Manchester City rich incredible, but it changes nothing.
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