Alex red send a Xianniang blunder continuous in di

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Alex red send a Xianniang blunder continuous in di

Postby readstar23 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:25 pm

Yahoo! Sports news without Alex red end, perhaps will not have the Standford bridge this field be struck with fright penalty shoot-out.But for him, he doesn't like in this way become decision competition's key figures.
In fact, the first half, the Brazilian play or have many highlights, Twentieth minutes, with Chelsea Frey in single pass 2 players for a goal, but Alex timely resolve a dangerous tackle, twenty-sixth minutes, Alex once again limit back process to resolve Ruiz's single chance, which fully reflects his speed and body of the perfect unity.
The at the end of the game commented: "he repeated in other forwards off the ball, simply violence."
But all this in just 3 minutes into the second-half was different, "the forbidden area behind shovel Frey, the referee awarded a penalty not only, but also to the Brazilian was shown a red card.
After Boas admits: "Alex has bumped into the ball, but his main opponent or shovel."Fortunately,Cheap NBA Jerseys, Kasami did this grain of penalty, or the little one combat Chelsea to face the five guard formations, it is possible in conventional time eliminated.
Such a game, to the 29 year-old Brazil Zhongwei is obviously another pain.Still remember the August 20th Chelsea and Sibrand game, he is a recent representative Chelsea the first play, he very bad performance, not only because of a mistake directly to the opponent scored a goal, and also appears to be less confident, the second half was Ivanovic replaced.
Boas hoped to restore his status in the League Cup, the Brazilians again disappointing.
After a reporter asked Boas about the Alex this competition's performance, in addition to the above results the Chelsea manager for the penalty that word did not say a word.
At the same time, Boas was on another Zhongwei David Luis A Fagafaga appreciated, he thinks "Lewis today gave a very amazing race".Indeed, relative to the brave is Alex Lewis, the game's defense is very robust, Goal.
com commented: "in most of his teammates scored in front of the case, he was well protected in defence."After the "Sky Sports" fans score, Lewis got a high score of 7.9 points, ranking the third, only 5.
3 points while alex.
Relative to him, Lewis is now back to the probability is smaller, and he is in the side effect is very obvious.The game has 2 shots, give each other a threat.UEFA Champions League game with Leverkusen, he then assists Torres scored a wonderful goal.
With the battle of Fullem, in the team players were against death case,Cheap NBA Jerseys, he will also dribbling to front, to teammates that straight plug.Terry before the game said: "he has a very excellent ball control, he could easily through the midfield, and then in the field and ability to read the game is also very strong.
This summer, when Juve to him to hold out the olive branch, Alex has publicly committed to travel to Italy: "I'm 29 years old, is now signed last a long time, I at least want to stay in Europe for 4 years, Chelsea and I contract still has 2 years left, so now is not renewed negotiations started.
This is why if Juve will get a contract for 4 years, then I will be happy to accept it, I like to play in Italy, I want to make this dream come true."On the other hand, just came to Chelsea Lewis is staking its future on the Standford bridge, the 24 year old defender said: "I like the atmosphere here, like the support of the fans, the players have been very unity, this is very important.
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Postby TareVertadhes » Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:39 pm


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