Abu rare training field direct British media expos

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Abu rare training field direct British media expos

Postby readstar23 » Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:36 pm

Yahoo! Sports news "Daily Mail" exclusive disclosure, after Chelsea and Manchester United one day before the match, Abu suddenly appeared at the Cobham training ground assault.Then Abu and Boas "showdown", British media that Boas's job has shake and crumble.
"Daily Mail": Abu showdown, Boas risk
Must be in the Chelsea 3 goal lead Manchester United, Abu and Boas will be in their mind think of each other.And 3-3, two people will once again "through", Boas will remember one day before the boss with his long talk, and Abu is bound to become more depressed.
Chelsea and Manchester United before the fight, Abu rare personally visited Cobham training base, one is to supervise operations team, the two is to closet with Boas.With his peers and fellow and chief consultant Eugene - what dimension Chandler and Chelsea, a member of the board of directors Ms.
Allegedly, when players and Boas see Abu and two other executives appear on the training ground, everybody was very surprised."Daily Mail" points out, this is the last six months, the Russian businessman first appeared in Cobham training base.
This time Abu while on the court,Cheap NBA Jerseys, but only silently watch training, not with the player has any exchange.Training has finished, Abu will find Boas alone together, two people talking time in about half an hour.
"Daily Mail" from internal sources mouth nose for news, learned that Abu Boas expressed his view on Chelsea this season, also mentioned some deficiencies.Boas is worried that Abu's attitude, because the boss Chelsea admits, he told the club's current dissatisfied and frustrated.
This is believed to be Abu Boas showdown,Cheap NBA Jerseys, this also means that Boas's future is whirling.
Finally the article also mentioned Chelsea Locker's question, the British media have repeatedly mentioned this problem, Boas is almost in the locker room to lose authority.
While Abu's sudden appearance, the media also mentioned Ancelotti, the Italian is because could not withstand such pressure, finally was forced to leave the Standford bridge.Now more young Boas encountered the same problem, one can imagine the pressure.
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Postby emidlitle » Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:45 pm

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