Outdoor classroom: a few months are the best time to go to T

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Outdoor classroom: a few months are the best time to go to T

Postby mumu252033 » Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:28 pm

Being the most frequently asked question: What month is the most appropriate to Tibet?

Online the most common answer is 6-10 months, I answer: varies, depending on the purpose of the different choices.nfl jerseys The selection of suitable riding season riding friends plan to Tibet Tibet is also a must to do.

There are the following factors:

1: Plan the area to go a different location, choose a different time. Because the vast territory of Tibet, the region's land area of ​​1.22 million square kilometers, divided into Lhasa, Nyingchi, Ali. Xigaze, Shannan, Chamdo, Nagqu seven different local elevation found, the climate is different, there are certain differences in culture.

2: program costs, choose different. Tibet tourism overall accommodation was not so tourist season price and travel off-season prices are often several times the difference is mainly reflected in, attraction tickets, tolls, car rental costs, accommodation costs, meals and so on back and forth.

3: Travel different emphases, choose different. Tibet travel into different places have different experience, scenery, tradition, history, culture and other aspects of the differences that exist between the around, leading to the choice of the people, some people feel natural, some people experience travel or exploration Wu life ......

Lhasa: Tibet by the vast majority of people should be regarded as the first stop, mostly cultural landscape, climate Safe seasons, summer is not hot, not cold in winter, but larger temperature difference between day and night, if the main purpose of your travel experience, feelings, life , it is recommended that the month of October -3 avoid Tibet tourism peak season, spending is relatively low, there is no need to worry about limited Potala Palace tickets, train tickets, few visitors make people more likely to feel the Tibetan pure and true . Sufficient time, can winter to Lhasa to find small hotel, lazy Paoshang the period of time, reading, drinking tea, cycling or walking in Lhasa and the surrounding cruise.

Nyingchi: mild and humid climate throughout the year, by the impact of seasonal and climatic Travel. From the natural landscape in terms of: Nyingchi natural scenery beautiful absolutely Tibet first. 3-10 months the best, but it does not mean the other months there is no spectacle. It can be said that the scenery of Nyingchi throughout the year have different characteristics. However, for special purpose different. 5-9 months each year during the rainy season, a lot of rainfall triggered landslides and mud-rock flows, landslides and other natural disasters will increase the risk. Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon region by faction town on foot all year round, Medog County foot only did your party from May to late October can enter and leave the rest of the time a few into the mountain only way Yamaguchi multi snow cover.

Shannan region: Shannan is the richest areas of cultural relics in Tibet, a national key cultural relics protection units 9, more than 50 ancient sites. Shannan natural resources, mountains, grasslands, lakes, Zari Wonderland, seasons, winter and spring can be biased in favor of the cultural landscape.

Qamdo: the natural resources of the region: the mountains, waters, glaciers, flora and fauna, cultural the Kamba culture and the Tea Horse Road. The Qamdo region is located in the mountains and canyons, the special topography and climatic conditions you go to travel only in accordance with the best climate season. So, the best travel season in April-May and September-October, is the region in early summer and late autumn season. Most road traffic in the rest of the season due to incessant rain and heavy snow and poor.

Xigaze Prefecture: 7-8 months for the rainy season, mostly rain at night and sunny during the day, but not suitable for viewing Everest, ornamental Everest's best time for the April-June and October. Shigatse in Tibetan calendar from June to September, there are many ethnic festivals and religious holidays. The Shigatse road traffic, such as watch the cultural landscape, the four seasons.

The Ali region: the worst areas of the natural conditions in Tibet, but the territory has the most beautiful sacred mountain and holy lake and the most beautiful scenery, like challenges and experiences people will love that place. The best season to travel Ali is from May to July and September to October each year, then you can avoid the flood surge during the rainy season and the winter cold and enjoy a taste of "life zone" rough magnificent highland scenery holy mystery.

Nagqu: the most important feature of grassland and Xing Luo clouds lakes. The Qiangtang region most of the territory in Nagqu Nagqu, the average of the high altitude, from May to September each year is relatively warm, golden season of grassland also go Nagqu travel period
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