Changes in the weather:

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Changes in the weather:

Postby mumu252033 » Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:46 pm

The 1 day from the top of the mountain valley wind blows to the valley from the valley to the top of the mountain, the night wind

The 2 morning sericite, then dark clouds rise,cheap nfl jerseys and slowly sinking

3 cloud walk very fast, and a growing trend, but the storm

4 the wind suddenly changes, and blowing the bigger, accompanied by the blowing

5 in the dry heat or fog visibility improving after, suddenly

The 6 morning fog filled Valley, to still do not disappear

The 7 day the sun around a large halo around the moon, the night of small halo, this is the sign

8 before dawn stars flicker

The 9 evening temperature increased, the night is very warm, and stuffiness

10 and a half Valley clouds rise, may be a sign of a storm

In addition, when the weather changes, nature and wildlife will be changed, if you observe, can forecast the weather:

Sounds and smells: when the air humidity increases, the sound will spread farther, more easy to distinguish smell - saturated moist air as the amplifier, is a good conductor. For example, in some places can not hear the sound of train, can be in one day before the rain can clearly hear the sound of the train.

Changes in the body: when the weather gets worse when curly hair, will feel the hairs become tight, more not easy to comb. If become easy to wound or is no longer as usual straight manageable, is probably going to be a storm, any rheumatic arthritis, corn or symptoms, the air humidity increases will feel the pain and uncomfortable.

Observation: if fire fireworks steadily rising, indicates that the weather won't have too big change, still very good, if fireworks flickering, or up and down, may be the storm.

Good weather, the temperature difference between day and night changes, to meet the cold air water vapor into droplets or form a cream, so the night colder weather, you better, night dew, the next day morning weather as well, if you see a spider web with water droplets, the days will be sunny in the morning, to see if the frost, predicted and will be a good weather.
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