Outdoor classroom: senior tour pal tells you how to keep war

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Outdoor classroom: senior tour pal tells you how to keep war

Postby mumu252033 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:30 pm

Cold Hui, 5 years old start into the mountains, love of mountaineering adventure, with more than 10 years of outdoor experience, is a professional outdoor expand training division, CCTV Travel Channel special guest, " " Chinese national geographic field project support, is also the university survival class instructor. Whether hot or cold winter warm, summer, he has a very rich experience. In the winter,buy nfl jerseys china if you still could not help but want to outdoor travel, can learn from him. How to keep warm.

Outdoor travel to comply with the dress rules

Winter hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, body heat, will warm up is not afraid of cold? In fact, if the dress is not suitable enough, is very easy to cause the body to appear " loss of temperature phenomenon ", the light will be fighting the cold war, or the whole body shaking, severe discomfort may also lead to life threatening.

Loss of temperature phenomenon, mainly because of long-term exposure in a cold environment, the body loses too much heat after temperature decreased gradually weakened, physiological function. Leng Hui said, loss of temperature not only because you wear less, but also because of the cold weather too long. If your underwear sex suction sweat, coat of poor permeability, leading to dehydration, it will reduce the thermal effect. So, he suggests, outdoor travel must be properly dressed, to keep warm.

Usually in the travel, trekking, climbing either, or skiing, the need to adopt " laminated dressing method ". Laminated dressing, common ground is told is a layer of clothes, but not simply superimposed layers better clothes. Leng Hui tells everyone, generally three layer can rise and thermal effect.

The first layer needs to wear close-fitting underwear, underwear and hosiery wicking, capable of absorbing sweat, preventing the body water loss, maintain body temperature; the middle layer is a warm layer, package body clothing or vest can, however, choose the material; the outermost layer, emergency underwear, mainly on windproof and waterproof, breathable, warm, wear resistance.

Choose the right dress fabric is the key

Winter outdoor travel, not simply choose a relatively thick, warm clothing, cold Hui said, according to the different environment such as snow mountain, choose effective dress.

In general, underwear main effect is perspiration, breathable and warm, but in the winter it is sweat and warm. The choice of underwear most people think of cotton, wool, silk and other natural textile materials sweating thermal effect, actually otherwise, cotton wool absorbent quick but slow drying, poor water absorption, personal comfort and low, silk is not suitable for outdoor sports wear.

So in the selection of underwear, the best choice of cotton, wool, blended into the fabric, or profiled polyester fiber as the main raw materials, such as the United States, South Korea Coolmax Coolever, China Coolplus in Taiwan, these are artificial insulating fiber material, in perspiration and the effect is quite warm good.

In addition to underwear selection, a warm layer is to choose a fleece material garment, called a " monkey fleece ", or WINDSTOPPER professional windproof fabric fleece clothing. Of course, the thermal effect can also be good down vest. The outermost layer of the charge and underwear, cold Hui recommended American Gore company ( GORE-TEX ) Calisto fabric coat, not only waterproof, breathable, also have good thermal effect. In addition, coat can also choose waterproof coefficient high waterproof eider down. Trousers should choose is the inner fleece, the outer layer is waterproof material, also can choose Calisto fabric double trousers. As for the winter walking in the snow, ski, can choose one type or general type of clothing, wearing the latter warm.

Hiking shoes to choose the best high ankle support, large field, large base shoe, GORE-TEX shoes; and the snow walk to choose waterproof fabrics and fur, snow cover, anti skid shoes with rubber soles. The best selection of Coolmax moisture-wicking socks socks, wool socks can also, but the principle requirements of stockings, both to protect the ankle, can also play a very good protection action.

The 80% heat radiating from the head, so choose a fleece, ear protection, waterproof and windproof cap, also can well protect the body heat can not be dissipated. Full finger gloves and Mittens, mainly on the basis of your activity choice.

Emergency situations can use thermal equipment

In addition to its own wear warm cold outside, Hui also recommended two kinds of sudden emergency thermal equipment, is a SPACE space metal emergency blanket, another is Grabber warm paste.

This is produced from the United States SPACE emergency blanket, is the development of aerospace super thermal insulation material products, the use of sophisticated polyester material and the highest purity aluminum vacuum sediment is made, which is firm and wear-resistant.

The SPACE emergency blanket packing only cigarette box size, but completely spread, to 214 cm long, 142 cm wide. It provides the most basic protection, especially in the zero degree Celsius, can maintain more than 80% human radiation heat. Can make the outdoor sports in cold weather for sudden loss of temperature phenomenon of unexpected circumstances, get emergency treatment.

Another Grabber warm paste, comprises a warm hand, feet warm and warm and other categories. However, these warm paste and daily life in the " warm paste" different, it can not only provide 8-10 hours of warm protection, portable long-term, but also in the closed underwear or shoes hypoxia environment function. The trip appeared in the cold, dry, joint pain, and muscle or poor blood circulation and other symptoms, has very good results.
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