when the reference was made isabel marant boot

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when the reference was made isabel marant boot

Postby xia00iq27x » Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:11 pm

What is good teaching
In the last week I was at the conference "What is good teaching - Conference on Quality in Teaching" at the FH Kiel. Even before the conference I met via Twitter, the comment that it would be in question or discussion about good teaching as well as with the question of the chicken or the egg. It is a recurring theme on which there are no final answers - but always need new exchange. It was also quite a lot of discussion in Kiel,isabel marant boots, to Bologna, autonomous learning, competency-based testing, diversity, promotion of learning skills, use of new media - but not about quality (or did I miss,isabel marant sneaker, when the reference was made). The introductory meeting of the panel discussion focuses the subjects sensitized studiability, learning and diversity and that an independent or self-directed learning is a feature that seems to have only a minority of students today. Autonomous learning, it is therefore encouraging, but still remains the question of what exactly is autonomous learning. And the question of whether autonomous learning are needed today than ever. If you look at module checks that are performed by MC test, so these seem to be unsuitable, but on request the students. Impulses coming from the U.S. to make teaching more interactive, as well as in major events to use voting systems, so as to offer feedback opportunities. Similarly, attention is drawn to process-oriented, on a situational, job-related learning, the motivation and the joy of learning to revive again. There followed a discussion about it suitable teaching methods and how they can keep in the teaching collection. It calls for a change of mentality towards the surgery for the permanent support, and counseling. How can we implement this mean? And how can examine masses, easy to use without evaluable MC tests. Could be from my perspective adjustment to the long outstanding teaching loads through flexible billing options a step in that direction? And yet, ultimately, the question of diversity: How can you meet all possible,isabel marant dicker boots, without the need for endless resources. Teaching and learning processes change, the focus is not on the teachers to convey the content, but on the learner, which deal with content. Here he is again, the oft-quoted "shift from teaching to learning." And yet I hold summarizing the discussion that more financial resources are mainly demanded. I do not want to deny this request - but is not this a little too simple? The following lectures out repeatedly attacked one of the issues listed. Rolf Schulmeister presented the results of the study last time before that has found that students are not in themselves be overwhelmed in time with the bachelor, the dispersion within the student body was huge nonetheless. Many of the students have lost their autonomy (or may not develop), will learn only perceived as stressful, time management methods are not known - open, authentic, but managed learning environments can counteract this, the school master's thesis. Wibke Derboven then presented the results of their study of dropouts in the engineering sciences. Times we see from the fact that the project was completed in 2008, the results are nonetheless very interesting. In four of the six crystallized student types, it is assumed that they were generally suitable for the study, but they are frustrated by the conditions: overwhelmed by the quantity of material technology-centered, study-skilled technology Committed, study inexperienced disoriented and technology interested outsiders. It was found that, in particular by the skill and understanding to the study there is a bond, followed by practical action exciting presentations by the students arrive at the best. It concludes from this that it really matters in the study for the student received a "red thread" to produce, to satisfy needs for social belonging and technical assistance and studies from an elevated prompt character should go to continuous learning. In concrete terms it is then one in didactical reduction, calls for the use of knowledge maps with the possibility of individual deep wells - an approach that not all conference attendees / participants were welcomed to fear, they still believe that this occa enough (h) could be rnt.
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