Outdoor classroom: the basic considerations in snow camping

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Outdoor classroom: the basic considerations in snow camping

Postby mumu252033 » Sun Nov 04, 2012 10:58 pm

A snow camping sleeping bag, cannot be placed directly in the snow on the ground, to the body and melt the ice and snow and cold. In the use of sleeping bags should be to make it fully fluffy, so better heat insulation effect. Sleeping bags must be kept in dry, sunny days should be dried in the sun. After each use, the bag inside the warm air is discharged, so as not to warm air is cooled after condensation wet sleeping bag. Into the sleeping bag when the clothes do not wear too much, wear more will make people sweat, resulting in sleeping bags moisture, and heat insulation performance.

Two, keep the clothing drying, especially gloves and socks drying is important. The night the best fire drying or placed in the bag, when people sleep the body temperature of the drying. Not wearing shoes roast leg, so not only is not easy to dry, but generated within the water vapor,cheap nfl jerseys then when they go out in the snow and ice in walking will condense into ice, prone to frostbite. Hunter in this area is a little experience in socks, sleeves outside the plastic bag and then put on shoes, can make the feet warm and damp.

Three, cold never drinking, drinking while temporarily can cause the body heat sensation, actual alcohol causes vascular expansion, increase in body heat, leading to failure.

Four, winter camping, single bed as two people sleep warm. Two personal blanket together will be much thicker than each other, can also be used to warm body temperature. Whether single or sleep sleep, can not wear clothes, so will he grew colder and colder. It is better to wear a sweatshirt, sleep should wear fur, put down the ear cap backwards, wear, to prevent frostbite of head. Before going to sleep and wake up, should exercise, to disperse the coldness.
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