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This was a match made in lab heaven,Hollister Shop. The parents, Agalychnis annae and Agalychnis moreletii, wouldn't cross paths on their own, since they occupy different regions in Central America. In the past 30 years, populations of endangered leaf frogs have completely disappeared, particularly at cooler, high elevations. The is implicated.
Led by MIT professor , researchers are developing a new type of battery, shown above,Scarpe Hogan, that under operating conditions, uses all liquid interior components. The design could potentially slash the costs of electrical energy storage.
A newly bred hybrid frog – the offspring of two species of tropical leaf frogs – is one of a kind and even rarer than its endangered parents,it-scarpehogan.com.

The technology's development, funded in part by a $6.9 million grant from the , is being researched in Sadoway's lab and commercialized by an MIT spin-off company, .
The liquid metal battery's advantages over other grid-scale storage solutions relates largely to its costs. It has all of the positive attributes of a typical battery (such as lithium-ion or sodium-sulfur batteries) at a small fraction of the expense.
For a rainy day
This frog is the offspring of two closely related species of endangered leaf frog.
CREDIT: ? A. Gray

The three-layered battery uses relatively affordable metals and molten salts, and has the potential to efficiently store vast amounts of electrical energy,Hollister Online Shop. In the initial design, each unit operates at 700 degrees Celsius and consists of a lower layer of high-density liquid antimony (the positively charged cathode); a middle layer consisting of an electrolyte (the molten-salt solvent); and an upper layer of less-dense liquid magnesium (the negatively charged anode).
Frogs that have adapted to less fungus-friendly habitats are likely to be less at risk, making it important to identify the differences between populations,Hollister, writes Andrew Gray, the museum's curator of herpetology, in a study that appeared in February in arXiv, an open archive maintained by Cornell University.
The electrodes of a liquid metal battery won't suffer stresses or cracks because its active components are liquids, and the team believes that devices should last for at least ten to fifteen years (possibly multiple decades) regardless of the number of cycles the battery goes through, a problem which traditional batteries have.
Because of their design, liquid metal battery cells can be scaled to larger sizes that will provide storage capacities sufficient to manage the intermittency of solar and wind based power generation (in which the amount of energy produced can vary). Specifically, when solar or wind production methods produce more energy than is needed, the excess can be stored in the battery for release when sunlight is lacking or winds are less active. This ability to scale easily is seen to be crucial, since cost is the key limitation of battery deployment at grid scale.
You can follow writer Wynne Parry on Twitter .
Hybridization experiments like this are helpful in better understanding the in amphibians, including those determining color patterns, the researchers write.
The Liquid Metal Battery Corporation hopes to cut the price of electrical energy storage as a result of the technology's inherently low scaling and material costs &mdash,Louis Vuitton Borse; potentially bringing the capital costs of storage down to about $100 per kilowatt-hour, a cost significantly lower than the price today.
"There is also real concern that certain populations may disappear before their distinctiveness has even been established," Gray writes.

The design of a new liquid metal battery could potentially slash the costs of electrical energy storage, allowing our electric grid to store energy from intermittent sources, like wind turbines or solar cells.
CREDIT: Liquid Metal Battery Corporation

The parents look very much alike – in fact their skulls are nearly indistinguishable – but they have different coloration. Their love child resembles both, but is also distinct. It has dark red irises like the papa frog A. moreletii, and the purple-to-blue coloration along its flanks and thighs, like most A. annae, the mama frog,. However, its hands and feet are more intense orange than seen in either parent.
Energy advantage
This Research in Action article was provided to LiveScience in partnership with the National Science Foundation.
Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. See the ,Hollister Deutschland.
A scientist at The Manchester Museum in England allowed the two species of endangered Central American leaf frogs housed within the same chamber to better understand how closely these parents are related. Understanding the genetic relationships between, and even within, species is important when trying to protect them.
The will have all the components of a traditional battery, except each of the standard components will be liquids that maintain temperatures that are several hundred degrees Celsius.
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