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Guoxue Baidu EncyclopediaChinese White Dolphins Ba

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[1] . [2] like two different genres. Ancient scholar climb will be able Fu, and we are not as good as the ancients. Part IV: Bingshu. Art of war is a very important part of the ancient knowledge classification, and the number of patients and the technical side behind the speakers is as a practical reason. Part V: The number of patients. For example, as divination Part VI: Fang-chi. Bedroom arts, medicine are party technology. The definition of To do the River gossip, is a the Guoxue system founded by the completion of According to Luoshu Chinese culture is the traditional Chinese scholastic method, originally divided into image-number school of natural science and moral principles were humanistic scholarship, is the prototype of the fact that today's Chinese culture and the humanities Guoxue, Taoism and Confucianism are the representatives of the two schools and the core. From the Ming dynasty, the Chinese culture in detail into quality measured through a few Three Studies of slaughter reasonable, quality is the distinction, the measurement is to measure, quality measurement is the natural and technical sciences; through accessibility, few are fundamental, pass a few philosophy and humanities science; slaughter is presided over, the rationale is to manage the slaughter rationale is that social science. Ming Dynasty Chinese culture divided, broad vision, quality measurement, through several slaughter rationale Three Studies equivalent to the modern academic natural science, humanities and philosophy, social sciences, includes all human academic embodies the academic China since ancient times known astronomical Xiao geography pass the basic spirit of the personnel, demonstrating the true boldness of the Chinese culture. But doubtful degradation Argumentation, Textual rhetoric, only equivalent to the philosophical historian of the modern academic literature. It can be said that, after the Qing Dynasty, Chinese culture has been unable to represent the broad vision and the basic spirit of the Chinese academic. Western Learning [3] start and Western learning polemics, West school of thought accept Western learning, while they defend ancestors have left five thousand years of cultural essence. The early 21st century, the scientific End of the rise in the West and China, although less agree with the scientific End of postmodernism, scientific and cultural faction with the traditional culture of the Chinese scientific party scientism expand before and after the attack from both sides, the controversy erupted again, but the support of Western learning the scientism already became defensive. The facts show that the end of the so-called science is only the limits of Western science has been exposed, and the revival of the Eastern Science-cum-scientific revolution is just beginning. Guoxue this for our country's unique, but in the period of Chinese modern history,Superdry Outlet UK, the distinction between Chinese and Western science, Chinese culture with Western in the country began to divert development. In mainland China, the Chinese culture but had to get rid of the four olds were being trampled on, after the reform and opening up since the end of the Cultural Revolution, the people's ideological and the academic cultural freedom gradually been restored, multiply the gradual expansion of the space of traditional Chinese culture academic, sticks Sheng Ye Mao, from the last century Since the reform and opening up of the eighties, Chinese culture, the rise in the early twentieth century, and its peak in the twenties, in the eighties, also called . Today, exactly what the traditional culture in China and the world today multicultural reposition. Read Earth Science, Shan Jing, the water passes through. Biological naturalist, ELEGANCE, Materia Medica. Mathematics, Suan Jing. Logic Mathematical logic, Experimental science, Tong Qi, the interior through. Core disciplines, Neijing Medical Code. The agronomy, Shennong book. Technical sciences, mengxi The two ways of humanities scholars read: I the Analects> read through the classics> Hundred Schools> ancient works. A method. These channels are not the way to solve the fundamental problem, just QuickStart ways. Chinese civilization, including Chinese knowledge system of science and technology and the humanities and social sciences, all from the Excluding For fundamental solution to the problem, and direct reading easy. Arranged in a long time, the meaning of natural know. Verification means: introspective work. Known The way to the majority of people will think too hard, but also suitable for such a small number of people, so I finally say. Guoxue significance of of [4] a suspected historical era Sinology (Sinology), on the occasion of the Chinese culture known as the include all descendants of Yandi and Huangdi, Chi Emperor national science and ancient Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, are classified as . (The above article is extracted from the Dong Bin, responsibility. the Great Masters Energize Great Guoxue On, is conducive to the national integration and cultural integration of the Chinese nation, is conducive to the accumulation of five thousand years of national cultural integration, is conducive to the cohesion of the Chinese nation culture centripetal force! Conducive to the great unity of the Chinese nation. (Dong Bin, : 2592:3 Morning Reading has never stopped. Guoxue content contains many feudal superstition, Shenzhen good future for the the Guoxue essence of culture in today's society, is summed up in 3000 the Guoxue small program, very conducive to simplistic Guoxue essence of culture heritage. The early education explorers Mr. Zhang Xuezheng also called for the universal learning Chinese culture, and to promote reading Guoxue 10 minutes every morning and evening, Guoxue heritage has some significance in the country. [5] <span class=pick out a single culture, to establish an academic degree looking for based on the basic, comprehensive revival Guoxue culture, the implementation of the Spring and Autumn Period contending, revival, including five patients, six arts, the philosophers say culture is the real day of. The modernization of Chinese culture is the revival of the five patients, six arts, the philosophers, literary, cultural knowledge and scientific modernization together. the <span class=, to St. Following his secrets, for eternal peace open '. Philosophers, including Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, punishment, name, method, ink, , the book, the number of for small arts is the art of the people's livelihood and daily-required, is a required course in the ancient learned man, in fact, they rarely stand closely related to the state of ultimate concern with life stance, Implication and the intrinsic value of the occasion of Heaven truly explore it seriously, go closer between the existence of life and the occasion of Heaven indirect and direct contact erected a bridge of communication, in the tradition of the times, learning and life. five patients, six arts and the philosophers of science can coexist in harmony Five Arts Six Arts from the birth of the beginning on. philosophers Siamese symbiotic, Five Arts Six Arts, there will be no Chinese culture, Chinese philosophy, deny the Five Arts Six Arts equal deny Chinese philosophy, Chinese philosophy dragged into the nihilism the quagmire swamp beyond redemption. This is a prosperous and the decadent cultural phenomenon symbiotic If five patients and six arts banned Chinese folk religion and ethics will be lost soil and foundation, the Qin Shihuang Fenshukengru not burned, proposed the presence of a variety of cultural forms Guoxue. the Confucian classics partially : = official history class <div class== literature: Sousa chinensis chinensis (Osbeck, 1765) taxonomic status boundary: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Chordata Gang: Mammalia Head: Cetacea Cetacea Branch: Dolphin Division Delphinidae Genus: humpback dolphin genus Sousa species: Chinese White Dolphin S. chinensis [1] <h2 class=116767:116767:2 scholars all over the world to refer to them as Chinese White Dolphins belong to the whales, and close relatives of killer whales. Many members of the public and fishermen thought that the Chinese White Dolphin is a them and other and dolphins are just like humans, capable of constant temperature, with the lungs breathing, of pregnancy birth to a child and used milk feeding young children. China also has a part produced in Xiamen waters white dolphin dorsal fin base no uplift nor humpback, should be discarded with the name of the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins or Pacific humpback dolphins. <h2 class=content weighing 200 to 250kg; prominent dorsal fin, located near the center, was backward triangle; pectoral fin is more rounded, base wide, the movement is very flexible; caudal fin is horizontal, robust and powerful, missing in central engraved divided into two symmetrical leaves its fast swimming. Shiny black eyes, and have 32 to 36 conical teeth on each side of the lower jaw and dentition sparse. Snout narrow, sharp and long, one-tenth of the length is less than the length. Between the beak and forehead one the Relatively few vertebrae, vertebral body longer. Flipper has 5 fingers. Whole body were tested ivory or milky white, back scattered many of the small gray and black spots, some pinkish, short, thin and round and symmetrical triangles are approximate the reddish a brownish gray [1] . Pink white dolphin body is not caused by pigment, but arising under the epidermis. This is related to the regulation of body temperature. Generally dark gray from newborn slowly fades as adult pink. In addition to the group of mothers and calves, white dolphins there will be no fixed members. Their herd structure is very flexible, members of the group also replaced often. According to records, the group can have up to 23 white dolphins, with an average of 4. <h3 class=body length of 2.0 ~ 2.5m, up to 2.7m, weighing 200 to 250kg; dorsal fin protruding, located near the center of the triangle was backward; pectoral fin is more rounded, base wide, the movement is very flexible; caudal fin is horizontal, robust and powerful missing in central engraved divided into two symmetrical leaves, beneficial to its the fast <h3 class=Chinese white dolphin and mammals developed lungs, lungs breathing. The external respiration Hole was open half-moon at the top of the forehead, breathing head back above water, breathing the oxygen in the air directly, and issued the Positioning System <h3 class=, poor eyesight, the position and orientation of its distinguish objects mainly rely echolocation system in the nostrils under a balloon, rely on the opening and closing of the stuffy meat utterance, this acoustic line at the forehead ridge by a unique organ composed of concentrated certain frequency to be transmitted; sound encounter different objects of different frequency signals reflected back, by dolphins the lower jaw by a fat composition recess receiving incoming inner ear positioning. Although the positioning system of this echo is complicated, but the reaction is extremely rapid and accurate, can be measured in front of the object size, shape, structure and properties, and to make judgments and reaction. The Dolphins this special function has been the life sciences sector and the military sector. <span class=teeth, esophagus, stomach, liver, spleen, intestine. Mandibular Total adult dolphins conical teeth 125 to 135, sparse arrangement, and its function is not the chewing, but for predation. Feeding mainly targeted the salty freshwater fish, quickly swallowed without chewing. The anatomy of the stomach content analysis dolphins, mainly the common varieties of grouper, black pomfret, large yellow croaker Pearl River Estuary, diet dominated by small to medium-sized fish. <h2 class=content Chinese White Dolphins in China is mainly distributed in the southeastern coastal According to historical records, the most northerly up the Yangtze Delta, extending southward to Fujian, Guangdong and coastal estuarine waters, sometimes entering rivers. According to the survey data in recent decades, the Chinese White Dolphins in a more concentrated area of ​​distribution has two, a Xiamen Eguchi, one at the mouth of the Pearl River in Guangdong. Chinese white dolphins in the Pearl River estuary, is mainly distributed in the estuary, the Wanshan Islands and Hong Kong southwest waters. According to survey data from 1997 to 2000, the northern boundary of dolphin distribution in the Shenzhen Airport waters off southern boundary in the vicinity of the East Australian; east side of Dachan Island, Lung Kwu Chau, Hong Kong's new airport in northern waters and coastal outside Xiangzhou Bay and off the coast of the west side of the Chinese White Dolphins are distributed, the distribution area of ​​not less than 1200km ^ 2. Intensive areas of the white dolphin activities mainly in the southeastern part of the Lingdingyang around Friends of stone to Lantau and near dolphin sightings rate higher; while the western waters from Macau, a lower rate of dolphin sightings. Distribution trend was the east to the west, and the difference is significant. In addition, the areas in the vicinity of the mouth of the Pearl River finless porpoise distribution. Finless porpoise is. Distribution of finless porpoise slightly southerly position than the Chinese White Dolphin, often near Guishan Island and the waters south of Hong Kong, its smaller, more to the emergence of 2 to 5. Lingdingyang waters can become a dense area of ​​the Chinese White Dolphins gathered habitats, mainly due 3:01. Intersection of brackish water, the fertile water quality, water temperature and salinity are suitable for the survival of the white dolphin activities; Pearl River estuary variety; 3 better water environment, less pollution, especially within the the Lingding Island coast and the west side, remains unexploited have a coastline, quiet waters, became the ideal venue for Chinese White Dolphins. On the evening of November 29, 2011, Fujian the lions, xiangzhi waters found a dead Chinese White Dolphins. It reckon over 30 years old and weighs 300 pounds or more, female. <h2 class=content Lively, in sunny weather, often jumping in the water playing, and sometimes even the whole body out of the water nearly 1 meter high. Swim fast, sometimes up to 12 nautical miles per hour. Breathing time intervals very law, and sometimes for 3 to 5 seconds, and sometimes for 10 to 20 seconds also sometimes up more than 1 to 2 minutes. Mainly on fish for food, including fish larvae, the to eat small tumifrons and small pomfret. It eats a lot, the weight of the stomach, food is more than up to seven kilograms. In a variety of fishing boats, the white dolphin is particularly fond of foraging in a double tug Dolphin group after double tug than other much larger. Least 13 families and 20 different types of fish found in the dolphin's stomach. The largest number? Branch, the Shishou Division and clupeid. Favorite white dolphins eat (Collichthys lucida), followed by? The fish (Johnius spp), and (Thryssa spp.) Chinese White Dolphins feeding digestive system is fully consistent with the land mammals have teeth, esophagus, stomach, liver, spleen, intestinal. Mandibular Total adult dolphins conical teeth 125 to 135, sparse arrangement, and its function is not the chewing, but for predation. The feeding mainly targeted at the mouth of the salty, quickly swallowed without chewing. Anatomical analysis of stomach contents of dolphins, fish of Collichthys, phoenix anchovy spot?, Silver pomfret, black pomfret, white croaker, the leading fish, large yellow croaker common varieties of the Pearl River estuary, the feeding habits of small to medium-sized fish Lord. Chinese white dolphin and terrestrial developed lungs, lungs breathing. The external respiration Hole was open half-moon at the top of the forehead, breathing head back above water, breathing the oxygen in the air directly, and issued the Chinese white dolphins small eyes, located on both sides of the head, the eye black, poor eyesight, the position and orientation of its distinguish objects mainly rely echolocation system in the nostrils under a balloon, and rely on the opening and closing of the stuffy meat voice, this unique organ of a voice at the forehead bulge fat concentrated at certain frequency transmitter; sound different objects encountered different frequency signal reflected back dolphin lower jaw a fat groove receiving incoming inner ear for positioning. Echolocation system is complex, but the reaction is extremely rapid and accurate, can be measured in front of the object's size, shape, density, structure and properties, and to make judgments and reactions. Dolphins this special function bionics research has been the life sciences sector and the military sector. <h2 class=content season, the gestation period of 10 to 11 months, each births Aberdeen. Body length of newborn calves close to 1m, the larvae born tail first exposed in the mother's body (terrestrial mammals head exposed), to prevent the birth process in infants choking water and died. Learn how to swim, led by the mother after birth the mother dolphin milk secretion, 8 to 20 months of lactation. Because the the entire breastfeeding mother and child were inseparable, protect a thoughtful, calves survival rate than other aquatic animal survival rate is much higher. The female dolphin in the age of 10-11 to reach maturity. The calves are born throughout the year, but the birth rate is slightly higher in the spring and summer. In other areas, the white dolphin's life up to the age of 40. In Hong Kong, the oldest dolphins for 33 years. Chinese White Dolphins in 6-7 months every year, mainly in water mating, the the females gestation period for about 10 months, calving in the following year to April, the end of the first output of the pups head last exposed. Newborn pups body length of about 100 cm, females body length of about 1/3 the back of a gray-black, belly is white with pink, teeth not yet exposed snout students over 10 root feeling hair. Lactation period of about one year, the sensory hair all off, teeth fully grow 2 to 3 years to reach sexual maturity. Life expectancy is generally 25 to 35 years old. excessive baby dolphin mortality (From Hong Kong Dolpinwatch Ltd) dolphin carcasses found in Hong Kong each year, at least half of newborn baby dolphin anatomy and found them stomach only breast milk and no fatal injuries. Organic chlorides such as banned pesticides DDT and electronics industry commonly used chemicals, PCB and other toxic substances accumulated in the food chain, the most extensive and the highest concentration of toxins in the creatures of the food chain, such as dolphins would hoard these toxins are stored in fat within the organization. Dolphins emulsion containing 40% fat, rich toxins dolphins first child because breastfeeding mother absorbed the accumulated body of 10 years of toxins, the immune system is still in the developmental stage, weak resistance, dolphins became the biggest victims of toxins in the sea. If the regeneration of the second and third child, she transferred to her first child baby dolphin mother body of toxins through the emulsion, the next generation of these chances of survival would be much larger. <h2 class=content Day, a Chinese White Dolphins in Foshan Nanhai, creek twice Rescued Chinese White Dolphins rescued ashore, to the Pearl River Estuary Chinese White Dolphin National Nature Reserve. <h2 class=Wang Chi content Verified by experts, strayed into the creek did Chinese white dolphins, dolphins the multisectoral together rescue the final out of danger, now sent to Zhuhai Chinese White Dolphin National Nature Reserve for treatment. the Zhuhai experts got there, the fire, the fisheries sector is also not to rush to start the rescue, only 200 m downstream of the Chinese White Dolphins on the creek enclosed nets up to prevent it to go further afield to swim to. White dolphins after a lapse of one minute, after a lapse of thirty-five minutes will be leaps breathing repeatedly exclaimed,Moncler Jackets, attracted onlookers. [b] preliminary judgment echolocation system damage strayed the Tamsui River Chung noon, a number of experts from the Pearl River Estuary Chinese White Dolphin National Nature Reserve Administration arrived at the scene and began to do the preparatory work before the rescue. According to preliminary judgment, the white dolphin's dorsal fin and tail fin were injured and old wounds, wounds from top to bottom, preliminary estimates by the propeller and wounded, but it had sludge, temporarily unable to determine, experts said Chen Jialin, no new injuries, and it came from the mouth of the Pearl River here is estimated to have spent a few days time, If you do not eat normally, then estimates is relatively weak. Chen Jialin, the survival of the white dolphins rely on their echolocation system messaging and foraging echolocation systems damaged, why they strayed into the Tamsui River Bay, and also by the recent weather. specific injury to be back to Zhuhai diagnosed , a site responsible for rescue experts said the Chinese White Dolphins just left the surface of the water when the formation of pressure, because the body's internal organs of dehydration will, if the surrounding screams or other The interference is likely to lead to shock, after launching the first to appease it, to establish good relations with it, it will not be too struggled to begin rescue. Ready stretchers and other items, the team of experts in the field about 14:30 started the first rescue. Then around 15:10 and again to start the second rescue. The bidirectional salvage nets before and after the attack. Finally succeeded after 10 minutes the white dolphin rescue to ready the car, and quickly transported to Zhuhai for treatment. Chen Jialin white dolphins specific injury has yet to return to Zhuhai for further examination in order to determine. [2] reclamation and reclamation reclamation, land reclamation is the most common method of the two sides made to the Pearl River estuary, in single inch ruler Kim PRD, building docks, roads, development real estate or expansion of farmland, built breeding base Wai surgery, often to the sea. Reclamation is not only the private contractors, many of the behavior of the government departments. Land reclamation, the greatest harm is destroyed the ecological environment, natural destruction, the beach will be eroded, estuarine waters narrowed and shallow fish lost their homes, and a variety of the traditional natural spawning grounds of fish and shrimp and breeding The field was destroyed in the bulldozers roar. The result of land reclamation, so the Chinese White Dolphins active area has been shrinking, reduced the feeding feeding places, and the type and quantity of the food is also becoming increasingly monotonous and poor intertidal organisms fading. blasting simultaneously with land reclamation blasting mountains, islands, quarrying, to move mountains reclamation and underwater blasting operations are often using heavy explosives, the formation of a strong shock wave, which makes the mountains shake seismograph, tsunami surge, a lot of gravel splash into the sea. December 1993, the City blasting implemented in sanzao Island construction there bull dolphins were killed, the process of the construction of the new airport in Hong Kong in 1993-1995 fried mountain reclamation bulls white dolphins have been hurt. dredging infrastructure projects require a large number of marine sand, every day dozens of dredgers vessels operating in the Pearl River Estuary. Dredging operation not only destroyed the seabed, more serious damage to benthic habitat, fish and shellfish algae insects package dredging machine pumped waters become barren, the original and fish breeding areas no longer exist. Dredging while also stir the sediment cause secondary pollution, the water is very turbid, to affect white dolphins can not be normal ecological, physiological activities. The Guangdong provincial government has ordered a ban on the coast of dredging behavior, is a policy to ensure future habitat to protect dolphins habitat. fisheries overfished This is an important reason caused by the sharp decline of fishery resources of the Pearl River Estuary. Annual investment of the Pearl River estuary, fishing boats, to Zhuhai, and Hong Kong mobile fishing boat more from Yangjiang, as well as Raoping fishing boats, the number of up to several hundred vessels. The practices have single drag, double drag, Si parameters Zeng, shrimp dragged gill set-fishermen have complained that: small),Nike Free Running, yield more delay, the lower The visible destruction fishery resources. Fishing transition in recent years, the Pearl River estuary and fisheries is not a flood, a large number of fishing boats stopping suspended. Cool the fisheries overfished make fishermen days is not good, nor comfortable white dolphins, disorderly put in gill nets wrapped around and trawl bycatch white dolphins, the probability of injury increases, electricity, bombing, poisoning fish and other illegal activities is the greatest threat to the survival of white dolphins. The original plump estuary fisheries, attracting white dolphins in this respite, but the now white dolphins diets also become a problem. No fish can be identified, do not have enough to eat. If we do not take strong measures (such as artificial reefs, and other methods), white dolphins only migration or extinction, there is no other way out. vessels between frequency of Pearl River estuary is one of the busiest domestic as well as international waters, Hong Kong and Macao exchanges between Hong Kong and Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai between; classes of vessels as well as the mouth of the Pearl River, including ocean liners, the size of passenger ships , high-speed Clippers, as well as a variety of cargo ships, fishing boats, tugs, engineering vessels, tankers, etc., from the shuttle, across the Pearl River estuary, very lively, the white dolphins restless. The survival of the white dolphins rely on their echolocation system messaging and foraging, but noisy ship machinery noise to interfere with the sound waves pass of dolphins, that they can not accurately judge the environmental threat seriously, therefore being ruined life. According to the fishermen, the Hong Kong and Macao routes in the north of Shan Island, sometimes to see the hydrofoil is jetted killed white dolphins. industrial wastewater and domestic sewage discharge The Pearl River Delta is the economically developed areas, thousands of factories upstream, especially along the coast paper mills, chemical plants, electroplating plants, dye houses and other types of discharge into the Pearl River estuary industrial wastewater, is undoubtedly the direct destruction of the natural fishing grounds and spawning grounds in the Pearl River estuary, cut off the source of food of the Chinese White Dolphins. The white dolphins these toxic smell wastewater will instinctively escape the walk. Various environmental protection measures taken by relevant departments, including discharge standards, the total control [/b], pesticide pollution in the Pearl River Delta is a subtropical economic crop producing areas, and a variety of pesticides, herbicides and organochlorine pesticides is also a destructive elements of fishery resources in the Pearl River estuary, the survival of the white dolphins are also a threat . According to reports from the organization of the Chinese White Dolphin Death individual analysis found that the content of the Pearl River Estuary Chinese White Dolphin vivo pesticide DDT and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) is high compared with other regions of the cetaceans. This phenomenon may be the white dolphins by the results in the accumulation. These substances accumulate in the white dolphin body to a certain extent, would undermine their own reproductive and immune systems. Obviously, pesticide contamination on the survival of the Chinese white dolphins in the Pearl River estuary the Granville Association is not ignored. [b] oil pollution In recent years, the tanker collision in the mouth of the Pearl River oil spill have occurred, especially the oil spill in the sea to form the blockbuster film barrier normal seawater and air exchange, likely to cause water shortage oxygen, the body and cause the death of fish hypoxia. Such as occurred on March 24, 1999, the East China Sea 209 wheel and Min fuel for tanker collided in Lingdingyang, resulting in the tanker sank, more than 800 tons of heavy fuel oil leaked, the contaminated area of ​​300km2. Zhuhai City 40km coastlines severely polluted coastal aquaculture farms and large tracts of mangrove great loss. White dolphin hit oil pollution, its floating breathing process certainly come into contact with oil, the oil spill may be inhaled into the lungs breathing, the consequences will inevitably endanger the survival of the white dolphin health,Peuterey Jacken. waste dumping area has multiple waste dumping area, the east and west of the Neilingding Island each has a,Nike Free Shoes; in the sandbar island southeast waters, a Hong Kong Government to establish the Pearl River Estuary sludge dumping sites. Designated dumping sites are mostly set by government departments, As for the large number of civilian waste finally drifted into the mouth of the Pearl River numerous casually thrown into rivers, waste and sludge often contains large amounts of heavy metals and toxic substances it not only pollute the seabed and water quality, sometimes eating poisoned fish and a variety of biological and accumulate in the body through the food chain into the white dolphin body. <h3 class=breastfeeding and have lungs terrestrial inherent physiological characteristics, but also led to one of the factors currently endangered. A pregnant woman a long time, a small number of one-child Aberdeen, lactation length and some pups died at birth. In addition, strayed into the rivers and the dolphins were mostly Kidnapped. verge of extinction dangerous <h3 class=There are dangerous endangered. Due every three years, only one child, the Chinese White Dolphin low reproductive rate, survival rate, while survival of the deterioration of the environment seriously threaten them. According to the Pearl River Estuary Chinese White Dolphin National Nature Reserve Administration monitoring, as of 2011, the survival of the white dolphin just 802 than also scarce. [3] Chinese White Dolphins in Xiamen only a national Class I protected animal, Xiamen person for the large group of white dolphins in Xiamen, and every time they appear, the sea is always calm, former fishermen operating in the sea if they should burn incense and kowtow in order to bless. However, in recent years due to reclamation from the sea embankment, capture and bycatch, as well as a lack of ecological protection of marine construction, so that the original number of common Chinese White Dolphins decreased significantly. of Chinese White Dolphins protection provisions of regulations Name [/b]] Xiamen City, Chinese White Dolphins protection provisions [promulgated institutions Xiamen] Xiamen Municipal People's Government [Posting No.】 Xiamen Municipal People's Government Order No. 65 [enacted time] 1997 -10-18 【implementation time 1997-12-1 effectiveness attributes effective for the protection of rare and endangered Chinese white dolphins resources and their habitat, maintenance of ecological balance, according to Animal Protection Ordinance and other laws and regulations, combined with the actual city, the enactment of this provision. Article Xiamen Chinese White Dolphin Nature Reserve to implement a closed-end management, its scope is defined as the first pier and the the West Sea Songyu line north and south and bell housing, shops, Aotou Wutong four o'clock Joint line of Bay Estuary. Other waters within the city to the periphery of the protected areas to protect the zone. Article Any units and individuals have an obligation to protect the Chinese White Dolphins resources and their habitat, and the right to monitor, report and prosecute all to undermine Chinese White Dolphins resources environment for its survival behavior. Fourth Municipal People's Government to set up the Chinese White Dolphin protection and development of special funds dedicated to the protection and construction of the Xiamen Chinese White Dolphin Nature Reserve of the Chinese White Dolphins resources and scientific research, publicity and education activities. Encourage domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to donate, to jointly protect Chinese white dolphins resources environment for its survival. The fifth municipal fishery administrative departments and their subordinate fishery management agencies responsible for the construction and management of the the Xiamen Chinese White Dolphin Nature Reserve, on dolphins resources and their survival environmental protection supervision and inspection. Transportation, harbor superintendency administration, marine and other relevant administrative departments should be in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws and regulations, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, in close coordination and work together to the Chinese White Dolphins resources and their to survive environmental protection work. Environmental protection administration departments in accordance with the law the Xiamen Chinese White Dolphin Nature Reserve of management supervision, coordination and Sixth municipal fishery administrative department shall organize surveys on dolphins resources, to create a resource file, and the development of protection and development planning, and implementation of the construction of nature reserves and the organization of scientific research and academic exchanges, and other activities, and to take effective measures, to maintain and improve the living environment of the Chinese White Dolphins, protection and proliferation of Chinese White Dolphins resources. The seventh amended to enhance the publicity of the Chinese White Dolphin relevant laws, regulations, and popularize scientific knowledge of the Chinese White Dolphins and rescue measures, and enhance the awareness of the public to consciously protect the Chinese White Dolphins. The eighth municipal fisheries administrations should regularly or irregularly organize the implementation of artificial stocking, proliferation of aquatic resources, rich Chinese White Dolphins bait. Article 9 according to the Xiamen marine function zoning, limiting the West Sea Mariculture, appropriately control the the mariculture scale with Ann's Bay Estuary to protect the Chinese White Dolphins have some free activities in space. Article 10 All units and individuals found to be injured, stranded Chinese white dolphins trapped strayed Harbour, shall promptly take emergency rescue measures and report on the city deal with fishery management agencies; bycatch network should be timely released,Parajumpers Norge; found Chinese white dolphins have died shall promptly report sent to the City, fishery management agencies to deal with. Article XI prohibits the capture and killing of Chinese White Dolphins. To conduct scientific research on dolphins, resources survey must capture, as well as artificial propagation of Chinese White Dolphins,jimmy choo shoes, must be obtained from natural waters provenance, in accordance with the law to apply to the municipal administrative department of fisheries, signed the municipal administrative department of fisheries advice, the fishery administrative department of the State Council to handle catching permit, and accept the supervision of the administrative department of the City Fisheries. [b] Xiamen University professor mentioning underwater blasting a safe distance to protect Chinese white dolphins Xiamen on the Chinese White Dolphin protection has made new progress, first proposed underwater blasting sound pressure in the waters, the amount of drugs and the role of the distance between half of the relationship. Learned professor from Xiamen University Department of Oceanography, the the According to the study, Xiamen work in the protection of Chinese White Dolphins made three important research. First, the use of advanced underwater acoustic data acquisition and signal processing, CDMA wireless transmission, the client / server model information services technology itself developed a national initiative underwater blasting remote hydroacoustic monitoring system This has occurred within a week of the third case of the white dolphin deaths. Previously, on September 20, 22, twice in Zhuhai Beach found the bodies of white dolphins, other experts estimate the age of 6 months to 1 year old, and one to two meters in length adult white dolphins. Authorities said, will the adult dolphins made of bone specimens larvae dolphins will be made Specimens. The white dolphin lively, often jumping in the water playing in sunny weather, and sometimes even the whole body out of the water nearly 1 meter high. They swim fast, sometimes up to 12 nautical miles per hour. However, the Chinese White Dolphins Due every three years, only one child, the Chinese White Dolphin low reproductive rate, survival rate, while survival of the deterioration of the environment seriously threaten them. Dolphins has been the star animals of the marine world, according to University of Hawaii researchers dolphins up to 20 years, the study found that: dolphins have comparable learning ability in apes can learn difficult behavior, dolphins have the cognitive ability of similar human language. Studies have shown that the Chinese White Dolphins IQ equivalent to 5-year-old children,Nike Free Australia, but its small eyes, poor eyesight, and rely mainly on the position and orientation of the head echolocation system to identify objects, its head breathing hole and respiratory intermediate There ultrasonic generator, an ultrasound, and then with the ear receiving the signal reflected back, even in the dark or turbid waters can quickly find prey where the size and shape of the object, it is even able to distinguish still 3000 meters away from the schools of fish are its favorite kingfish or hate bream. High speed ship's propeller wounded to death, there's high tide strayed seine fishermen in coastal settings, fence stuck in the mud at low tide was suffocated. Pearl River Estuary Chinese White Dolphin National Nature Reserve Authority Chen Jialin interview with the media, he said that since 2003, the death of the protected area can handle white dolphins, are filing to do and the cause of death analysis. the fishing nets of the fishermen, the white dolphin catch food, drill into the net run does not come out, can not breathe cause death, accounting for 19% to 20% of the rest, there are other reasons, such as marine litter or illness. Sun Yat-sen University's Institute of Marine Institute Professor Wu Yuping white dolphins element content of the samples analyzed, and found all kinds of heavy metal content is increasing year by year. The sample body selenium concentration is 2-7 times more than the first three years of data. Selenium in cetaceans body is mainly involved in the detoxification of mercury, suggesting the Pearl River Estuary Chinese White Dolphins in the body of mercury accumulation in the upward trend in recent years is likely to exist. It is understood that the the dolphin mother body of toxins through the emulsion transfer to her first child, baby, if she recycled the second and third child, the next generation of these chances of survival would be much larger. This Unicom Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge will pass through the the white dolphin protected area, constitutes a new challenge to the survival of the white dolphins. The assessment report said that the project to build nearly 500 piers, reclamation needed to build an artificial island and the Cross-Harbour Tunnel will be white dolphins lose important habitats. The noise generated by construction equipment and frequent exchanges vessel mechanical noise will affect the white dolphin foraging and activities. It has been reported that the recovery growth, due to the protection and restoration of the ecological environment of the white dolphin efforts, the number of white dolphins along the southeast coast of China.
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