After getting up, will do nine things

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After getting up, will do nine things

Postby mumu252033 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 10:54 pm

A way of keeping good health, in fact, is to do a good job in every detail of life. Don't look up such a thing, as long as you know how to get out of bed in the morning and what should be done, and done, stick to it. You can have a healthy body, a pleasant mood, can delay aging invasion, keep the youth, vitality and beauty.

1 animals

What is the first thing in the morning? Not brushing your teeth are not open my eyes, but stay in bed for five minutes. Many people think that, in bed is bad habits, but in fact, fierce play are forced to blood down, cause the blood pressure to change suddenly,buy nfl jerseys china cause the symptom such as dizziness. So, get up in the morning, it is best to open your eyes before and after, while the neutral, lie on the bed to move the limbs and head, after 5 minutes.

Introduce you a can in bed to do exercise. After getting up, and other awareness awake, will slowly around the knees were pulled to the song played at the side of the body to another; and with both hands, a knee in her chest for 10 seconds; lay on his back, his hands as straight back, snuff, and breath, body remain motionless for 5 seconds.

2 opened quilt

The meeting after getting up their quilts neatly who is living well organized person, but this person are not many, many more people will be pulled the blanket flat in bed, so convenient and beautiful. But in fact, together with the bed do it wrong. Because the human body itself is also a source of pollution. After a night of sleep, the skin of the human body will emit a lot of water vapor, the quilt to varying degrees of moisture, such as don't let its dissemination out, get up immediately diebei humid and warm environment, that will cause a large number of mite and bacteria, so, after getting up to put the quilt opened to let it through ventilation after, then fold or pave.

3 deep cleansing

Get up in the morning, will find face oil oil very uncomfortable, this is actually the skin during sleep when metabolism, eliminate waste. So it should face the morning. After brushing my teeth, use the cleansing cream, gently massage the face, thoroughly clean, then the town of skin toner. Finally the makeup. The cleaning process can make you feel refreshed, but also make the skin in the shortest possible time roused, energetic, bear all day cosmetics invasion!

4 massage

Many people believe that the best massage time should be the night after bath. In fact, the morning massage is very effective, and every morning for 5 minutes and gently massage the head and face, finally extended to the neck, press the clavicle depression above, can help you postponing aging. This habit, can not only drain detumescence, delicate face, but also the tender skin, refreshing. Done head massage, can be gently stretch the limbs, especially ankle, because many white-collar ladies wear high heels all day, Shuhuo ankle let your feet is not so easily hurt.

5 rows of early

Early discharge, a form this habit, you will benefit for life. The food in our sleep process, stay inside the body, and after a night of digestion, if not promptly discharged, to accumulate in the body on the gastrointestinal function of burden. Not many people can not do, after all, not want to row to row, also do not have this habit do not worry, this can be hard to cultivate. For example, usually can eat more foods high in fiber, such as cabbage, sweet potatoes and other whole grains, and get up in the morning and whether or not to lower, in the course of time, the habit will become a natural.

6 cup of water

Get up in the morning, should earnestly to drink a glass of water. Because after a night's sleep, and not a drop of water intake, is easy to dehydration, this time to drink a cup of water, is beneficial to the body of water added. At the same time, also on the stomach also played a clear role. Wake up the stomach and other body senses, can better absorb the breakfast food. Also, drink a cup of clear water mouth, can let you wake up from sleep. So, might as well the night before bedtime will face a cup of cold water on the bed.

7 of a bath

Compared with the Chinese habit of evening take a shower, take a shower in the morning most like foreigners. In fact, the morning take a shower is really a good choice, because the morning take a shower helps to promote blood circulation is more exuberant, and the feeling of cleanliness and bath fragrance itself can adjust the mood, so that the spirit of a more full.

As for a shower or bath to see your time or not. If there is time to bath, the water temperature should not be too high, time and don't take too long, choose some containing citrus shower, to boost the spirit is the best. If the shower, tell you a eliminating shoulder muscle soreness in the small secret recipe, in the shoulder with a towel, can tolerate heat, with shower water column punch shoulders, ten minutes each time, three times a week or more, good results.

8 psychological hint

Morning is the best time of a day, this time, don't forget to hold a small ceremony. It is on their mind soothe and incentive. Day out in front of the mirror smile, sharpen the most beautiful angle with your smile. And tell myself "I am beautiful ". Do not narcissistic, but on their own encouragement. You know, confident woman is beautiful, can be in high spirit. Today, before you go out, please smile, tell yourself " I really beautiful "! The perfume is also a very good psychological hint, women can become more vivid and more confident. Then, listen to a section of their own love, pleasant music, let all the limbs and bones and mind in the music blend together. Then sprinkle perfume, yes, all the day, happiness will belong to you!

9 eat breakfast

Finally, there is one thing is very important. It is eating breakfast. Many people do not attach importance to breakfast, it's bad. Do not eat breakfast, not only do not know how to enjoy life, is also a kind of damage the body's foolish behavior. Some people prefer to sleep half an hour is not willing to let yourself have a delicious breakfast. In fact, three meals a day breakfast is the most important day, breakfast is the energy source, in order to get more sleep and skip breakfast is the most cost-effective, to health, but lost the quiet enjoyment of breakfast and the wonderful feeling. Long term do not eat breakfast will cause malnutrition, anemia, reduced resistance, and will produce the pancreas, gall stone. So must eat breakfast, best, in 7 to 8 for breakfast. When the person's appetite is most exuberant.
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