Smoking will kill 1000000000 experts predict that cause canc

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Smoking will kill 1000000000 experts predict that cause canc

Postby mumu252033 » Mon Oct 29, 2012 9:49 pm

The world cancer experts predict, if governments do not take smoke limiting action, the world will have more than 1000000000 people because of health problems and death of tobacco smoking causes cancer, cheap nfl jerseys among them, occupy small component.

This century smoking will kill 1000000000 people in twentieth Century ten times

Last weekend in Lugano Switzerland held a global top 100 cancer experts forum, the American Cancer Society ( American Cancer Society ) President John Seffrin professor ( Dr. John Seffrin ) on governments warned, if they do not take more strict restrictions on tobacco industry action, is expected in twenty-first Century will have more than 1000000000 people have been killed. Seffrin points out, the tobacco industry is still thriving today, annual profits of $500000000000 ( 3.1 trillion yuan).

It is reported, at present the majority of smokers smoking causes were killed, most of them are due to die of cancer, scientists obtained a statistical data, although smoking is the cause of death and can avoid the maximum root, but every year or 30000000 people joining the army of smoking. Scientists suggest that, if current trends continue, the tobacco companies can continue through a variety of means to attract non smokers begin smoking, then the second half of the century, there will be hundreds of millions of people die of cancer.

Cancer experts: tobacco should be equivalent to the terrorism century kills one hundred million people

Cancer experts think, smoking is the greatest in human history a public health disaster, tobacco companies like terrorists. They think should be treated as a terrorist, completely banning cigarettes, but also to avoid the tobacco industry to continue through advertising or other means to expand market. Professor Seffrin said: " we have a global industry, it is in production for at least half of a user has a deadly products. If current trends continue, this century it will kill 1000000000 people. "

"The last century, tobacco has killed one hundred million people, we thought it was a frightful to the ear, but this will be have no equal in the human history the biggest public health disaster. But if we stop the tobacco industry to child advocacy smoking terrorism market strategy, everything can be avoided. They know they are dangerous to the consumer products, customers can kill half, still intent on expanding the market, the industry should be regulated, restricted its expansion. "

Cancer will " globalization outbreak "? Tobacco is the largest individual incentives

In early 1950, the British University of Oxford epidemiologist Sir Richard Doll ( Sir Richard Doll ) has published the first paper of verification of tobacco carcinogenesis. Today, scientists have long recognized the tobacco was causing the cancer 's single largest cause. In the global scope, annual number of tobacco caused by cancer accounts for 22%, resulting in the death of 1700000 people, of which 1000000 people died of lung cancer. However, to join the ranks of young smokers, but far more than people who stop smoking faster growth.

Last week, the famous " Lancet " magazine published a research report on the health hazards of smoking, and the University of Oxford ( Sir Richard Peto ) professor just an account: "every year to add 3000 new smokers, with currently 50% mortality, every year is more than 10000000 of the death, in this century second half, each of the 10 years would kill one hundred million people. " Imperial College London of London ( Imperial College London ) Professor Veness ( Professor Paolo Vineis ) forecast over the next few decades, cancer will be globalization outbreak, a big reason is the impact of tobacco.
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